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REALSEC is a European technology company, part of Utimaco group, with an international presence, specialized in the development of Cybersecurity solutions based on certified Hardware Security Module, for encryption, digital signature, PKI, time stamping systems and  highest securization for Blockchain & IoT environments,  for the Financial sectors (Banking, Fintech and Methods of Payment), as well as for Government, Defense and Industrial sector.


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Our customer base is made up of sector leaders, governments and over 150 important banks from all over the world.

Our solutions have been awarded prestigious international security certifications (FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and PCI HSM PTS 2.0)
We are present all over the world through our offices in Madrid, the US, Mexico, Singapur and our partners’ network.
24-hour excellent technical and support service.

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why do our custommers choose HSM?

HSM Cryptosec Lan


Technical Service and Support directly from the manufacturer

Our equipment offers the best Performance-Price ratio in the market

Avaliability and delivery of the equipment in a short period of time

The equipment is provided with all commands included, multithreating and maximum performance

Awarded with the most prestigious international security certifications

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HSM Cryptosec Banking


Technical Service and Support directly from the manufacturer

Our equipment offers the best Performance-Price ratio in the market

All functions and banking commands are included in the price, with no additional hidden costs

Avaliability and delivery of the equipment in a short period of time

Awarded with the most prestigious international security certifications

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Clients’ opinions

Our clients’ opinions, our best endorsement

Claudio Avila Luna

Switch PROSA Production


About Cryptosec Banking

The HSM Cryptosec Banking teams are ensuring security in the payment means that the bank in Mexico need besides enabling us to offer quality services and ensure continuity demanded by customers PROSA. Based on our experience with the equipment and maintenance service carried not continue and maintain a long-term relationship with REALSEC.

Sian Farías Terrazas

Deputy Administrator of monitoring and Control service of tax Administration of Mexico (SAT) 



We were pleased that carry on the qualified staff of the show, for us it is important that the person who headed understand what we mean. Another point to note is how quickly accomodated our request, say they were agile in establishing contact with us, quickly and timely. Openness in communication, let us express our concerns and needs and were willing to ask solutions.

Ing. Rene Bárcenas

ATEB Company (Licensed Certification Provider) – Mexico


About Cryptosec LAN

Although, we already had two of its teams and prior to our business contact respective maintenance, I can mention that the maintenance acquired you were treated promptly and effectively, which has led us to consider the possibility to acquire more equipment maintenance.

Alejandro Orihuela Romero

Chief Technology Officer of GSD – Peru


About Cryptosec Openkey TSA

This solution has opened the doors for us to reach other customers both state and private activity, as electronics transactions in Peru are becoming more frequent and require the use of digital signature, as well as knowing the exact timing of the operation. In this respect REALSEC, as a provider partner, has accompanied us in the development of solutions that benefit our customers with a view to developing electronic government in Peru. We look forward to continuing to count on the REALSEC’s products and the professionalism of the staff in charge.

Ing. Juan José Córdoba

Computer Security National Bank of the Army and Air Force and Navy – Mexico (Banjercito)


About Cryptosec Banking

It is a fairly stable team for which the required corrective support is minimal, presents safety and optimum efficiency so it provides higher performance compared to similar products. The Management API is simple to use, as well as a safe and reliable system for loading and key escrow.

HSM: Awards and Certifications

Hardware Security Module

To protect the cryptographic key life cycle, you need a cryptographic processor which is known as Hardware Security Module (HSM).

The main aim of these security modules is to act as anchors of confidence throughout the process of protecting cryptographic infrastructure in all the field that concerns the security of companies around the world.

Handling this encrypted information is imposible because the information is processed and stored in devices meant for that, and therefore security is always in force.

On the other hand, the use of HSM is fundamental for companies and other organizations, since they protect all kinds of transactions, applications and identities.

Cryptographic protection stands out in hardware security modules because they offer all kinds of solutions such as the encryption, decryption or authentication solution as well as digital signatures solutions for a large number of applications.

HSM technology has been developed in order to absolutely protect all kinds of encryption keys as well as to maintain a correct achievement of the mathematical algorithms involved in the information that is protected.

HSM: Security objetives and implications


The security measures of an HSM device are so high that all the important information of a company will always be protected and safe from any attack to the general security.

There is a security guarantee regarding the HSM manufacturers, and that is the analysis in detail and the tests that are carried out in specialized laboratories in order to accredit the certificates of international security of the certifiers, which are NIST for the FIPS certificate, CCN for CommonCriteria, and PCI for the consortium of Methods of Payment.

The data protected with an HSM device are the functional objectives of any HSM and are the following below:

  • Generation of keys which are generated as random values that are based on unpredictable variables.
  • Primality Test which is used to submit the mathematical components of public keys in certificates.
  • Minimum frequencies separation generated by the processors.
  • Deletion of memories by anti-tamper mechanisms which are activated when there is a fraudulent read attempt.

Cybersecurity in the form of solutions


A great savings today in all the organizations is the use of technology for digital transformation since they integrate security systems in cryptographic devices that give real solutions in the field of digital security or cybersecurity. We are talking about the security systems SW, HW and HSM.

All sectors are studied within the functionalities of Realsec products and solutions. For example, in the banking sector with cryptographic solutions by key remote loading, which we manage through Cryptosec RKL, and cryptography solutions via financial hardware through CryptosecBanking.

The complex superior security is carried out through the implementation of Cryptosec DEKATON, which manages and processes the hardware security modules or HSM and the network cryptographic servers via Cryptosec LAN.

Regarding the solutions we provide for digital transformation in cybersecurity, we have CryptoSign SERVER whose main function is digital signature and centralized management of digital certificates.

The authority service of time stamping is carried out from Cryptosec OPENKEY TSA, and with regard to signature and encryption of emails, it is managed with Cryptosec MAIL.

The public key infrastructure or PKI has several aspects, and the systems of certification authority or CA, are managed with Cryptosec OPENKEY CA, the systems of registration authority with Cryptosec OPENKEY RA, and the systems of validation authority or VA, with the appliance Cryptosec OPENKEY VA.

HSM features


The use of devices that involve HSM technology, such as PCI cards or appliances, is always involved with security and performance.

For the security field, there are several ways to control the activity on the web servers.

One is through the SSL cryptographic protocol, which are public key certificates that contain the private key, and are stored in the file system of the server.

The way to keep security in these cases is established by giving exclusive access to the user through the server and protecting the access to the files to a máximum level.

At times, when the server has been threatened, it is possible to extract the certificates so as not to jeopardize their security, although this is not as simple as it seems and will have to use an HSM to custody the startup password of the web server.

Summing up, by using an HSM device, the password is not affected nor the place is changed, but through its API or Application Programming Interface, it goes to the certificate and returns a decrypted result which could be used by the application that is required.

In terms of performance, apart from allowing the custody of the password of the certificates and their generation, it also makes it possible to perform cryptographic operationsas well as free space server tasks.

En cuanto al rendimiento, aparte de permitir la custodia de la contraseña de los certificados, y su generación, también hacen posible que se puedan realizar operaciones criptográficas, liberando de espacio las tareas del servidor.

The effectiveness of these hardware security modules or HSM typically increases in asymmetric or public key cryptography, rather than symmetric cryptography.

One of the most interesting features of an HSM device is that when you try to force the output of the memory, the card is self-destroyed in such a way that it does not compromise the data stored in it.

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REALSEC helps its partners with forward-thinking technology which allows them to position themselves among new or prospective customers and strengthen their position among existing ones.

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