Secure digital signature in the digital transformation process of a company

Today, I share this blog post, original from the blog of my colleague Jesus Rodriguez, about the current relevance of digital transformation into the companies  and the contribution of digital signature in this transformation process.
The business digital transformation is not a secondary issue in the future of the companies. According to the research published by KPMG, the Global CEO Outlook 2015, the digital transformation is one of the priorities highlighted by top executives. In order to make this transformation successful, it is necessary to rely on the implementation of secure digital signature for all transactions that are meant to be carried out by the company, allowing to identify themselves electronically, sign electronic documents with equal legal value as that of the handwritten signature and encrypt electronic documents.

What benefits does the digital signature bring?

Besides the compliance with the Public Administration regulations, the digital signature for companies accelerates business processes and reduces operating costs.
By incorporating digital signature processes, companies reduce the waiting time, provide copies to all parties involved in each transaction, create files and also increase the security with the help of the digital encryption, avoiding that these documents can be read and modified by third parties due to the signatory identification, non-repudiation and integrity of the signed document.
Speed, time and cost saving as well as contribution to the environment are among other contributions from the digital signature for companies or any other type of organization.

Security Levels of Digital Signature

Digital signature solutions can be found in different formats that will determine the security level.
The first one is through software, where no external device is needed for its use, and this enables its application but also increases the risk of fraudulent , possible signer impersonation and no-integrity of what is signed.
There are also other solutions in the market in which an external device for the connection may be needed such as the use of SIM cards (with the reader) via a USB or PC Card support with a security hardware module, based on cryptography, for connection.
Depending on the use and functionality required, a type of device will be needed. Nevertheless,  all of them provide a security guarantee which this type of certificate based on cryptography needs to be considered as electronic signature solutions and/or digital signature solutions.

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