Online Christmas Shopping and secure payments

Christmas is a time of feast and happiness but it is also a time of massive purchases, which in a large percentage are carried out online, both in terms of purchase and payment. A great advantage indeed, but also a greater exposure in online transactions, both for the buyer and the bank, whose security can be jeopardised if they do not comply with some measures.

December is by far, the month in which we use of our credit cards the most due to the early Christmas Shopping; currently, online purchases are a very predominant mode within this universe of consumption.
Online purchases have provided us with speed, convenience and even reduction in purchase prices due to the business model; but at the same time, it has created possible risks and threats and we have to demand reliable environments to operate with our credit cards and therefore minimize the risk of being victims of online swindles such as phishing, pharming, vishing and smishing … all of them oriented to our identity theft and misappropriation.
Above all, we must bear in mind that banks send advertising but never personal emails.
The US is the most attacked country in the world by this social scourge since it has  most of the existing phishing sites and whose main goal of attack is the payment industry, as the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) states.
Losses caused by phishing last year in the US turn out to be around $ 1.2 trillion. They affect both users of credit cards and financial institutions and can affect the former indirectly with commissions; while the latter in terms of their credibility such as a Bank and as an Online Bank, as well as other expenses associated with damage rectification tasks and customer service.
Therefore, as a credit card owner we must demand secure online environments (such as carry out the online transaction only if the CVV or CV2 check code is requested) and moreover, follow some safety guidelines.
Today, one of these safety guidelines as a user is to key in the website: + url
That allows us to know the security level and the online reputation of a website.
Likewise, as a financial institution we must offer secure online environments and to achieve this, we must have more robust systems in the field of encryption and digital signature, which are none other than those whose technology is based on financial cryptography and adapt it to the standards and requirements of the means of payment such as EMV, ANSI , etc.

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