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Hardware Security Module

REALSEC'S HSM (Hardware Security Module) Cryptosec DEKATON is a high end cryptographic device in PCI Express format. It is a must for companies that have a need for best-of-class and robust security, including ultra-safe generation of signatures and storage and safeguarding of cryptographic keys and certificates.

Ten years later, ten times faster and safer, REALSEC launches its new HSM (Hardware Security Module) Cryptosec DEKATON PCIe REALSEC, a high-performance cryptographic device hardware, with PCI Express format.

Designed for organizations that require sturdy security when generating signatures and storing as well as custodying cryptographic keys and certificates.


Cryptosec DEKATON architecture integrates a hardware cryptographic module plus a flexible software that transmits its functionality to the server on which it is installed.

HSM provides the customer with the performance needed to meet their needs in cryptographic operations performed with the various symmetric and asymmetric encryption algorithms supported by the HSM.

HSM provides client applications with all cryptographic capabilities through network commands.

It has three programming interface options to be able to interact with the HSM: Proprietary API, PKCS#11, and Provider Java (JCE/JCA). The last two includes a client library to be able to implement communication with the HSM Cryptosec DEKATON PCI Express.

Secure access for remote console for the administration and supervision of the HSM.

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Hardware Encryption: Features

  • The newest cryptographic hardware withproven, highly-functional and flexible software.
  • Cryptosec DEKATON offers up to 2,500 RSA transactions per second with 2048-bit keys.
  • Three programming interface options: a proprietary one , PKCS#11 and Provider Java (JCE/JCA)

Algorithms and cryptographic functions:

  • Asymmetric encryption:  RSA (512-4096), DSA (1024-3072), ECDSA and ECIES up to 512.
  • Symmetric encryption: DES, 3DES, AES (128-256) and AES GCM (up to 256).
  • Hash functions: MD5, SHA-1, SHA2.
  • Key authentication: HMAC y CMAC.
  • Random number generator according to SP800-90A, SP800-90B and SP800-90C and approved by FIPS 140-2 Level 3+EFP.


  • Two 800 MHz Multiprocessor cores
  • PCI Express x 8 port length
  • Mini USB serial port (console)
  • USB port (upgrades, updates, backup, etc.)
  • 2x RJ45 Ethernet port – Gigabit 100/1000Mb
  • 1x RJ12 port (printer)

Supported Apis:

  • PKCS#11
  • Proprietary API
  • Provider Java (JCE/JCA)

Security levels:

  • Tamper Resistant
  • Tamper Responsive