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Cryptosec Banking (Payment HSM)

CryptosecBanking is a very high-performance, network payment financial HSM that provides all the specific cryptographic functionality and operation for the Banking, Fintech and Methods of Payment industry.

Designed to protect transactions processed in the different payment channels Cashiers/ATMs, TPVs/POS, Mobile Banking…, and with the different types of credit and debit cards.

It is a hardware security module that meets all the requirements and standards defined by the PCI consortium (VISA and MASTERCARD).

This product includes:


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  • PCI HSM PTS 2.0 certified and aligned to ANSI, ISO, and PCI/DSS compliance.
  • With the highest transactional performance on the market (up to 15,000 PIN translations per second).
  • Including all functions, commands and algorithms without hidden extra costs.


  • The Cryptosec Banking incorporates the HSM Cryptosec DEKATON FIPS 140-2 level 3 certified by NIST and PCI PTS HSM v2.0.Certification certified by PCI Security Standards Council.