“All organizations should be prepared for the risk of cyberattacks”

The current health crisis has directly impacted on organizations’ management of cybersecurity. Only those who have been proactive in implementing robust security solutions will be prepared to not be easy targets for cybercriminals.

As in any crisis, hackers exploit weaknesses to carry out cyberattacks on sensitive data and this is where organizations must have the best shields for protecting their critical assets.

What initiatives, measures, experiences or best practices has your company implemented to help confront the effects of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic?

Protection and security of our customers’ data must always be certain, so the REALSEC team continues their R&D tasks and provides support at all times, betting on different collaborative and management distance-working tools with our partners and customers, as well as adopting emergency protocols with remote-mode work.

We are the key to protect our customers’ business at all times and situations.

What do you think should the main lesson learned from this health crisis under the perspective of the cybersecurity sector be?

Proactive adoption and implementation of robust cybersecurity measures and solutions that minimize the risks of fraud and attacks by cybercriminals is not a trivial thing, but rather essential for the survival of any organization’s critical assets.

All organizations must always be prepared and reinforced against the risk of cyberattacks, as cybercrime continues and grows in the worst situations, such as the current health crisis in which we are immersed today.

Jesús Rodríguez



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