Cryptosign Family REALSEC

The CryptoSign product family from REALSEC, customized encryption and digital signature

REALSEC, a company dedicated to the development of encryption and digital signature solutions; whose main priority and objective is to invest in the development of security technology to generate trust in information and communications systems, presents its digital signature solutions portfolio: CryptoSign.
CryptoSign is composed of three pre-installed solutions on different hardware and software servers that cover the needs and processes related to Digital Signature for businesses:
CryptoSign Server (Platform to sign documents)
CryptoSign CSP (Centralized management of certificates and signature audit)
Cryptosec Mail (Signature and email encryption platform)
CryptoSign Server
CryptoSign is an integrated appliance server (hardware plus software) for Advanced Electronic or Digital Signature services for documents. It offers a high performance and capacity level in the signature process compared to other solutions on the market, and is endorsed as a security solution by FIPS 140-2, Level 3 and Common Criteria EAL 4+ certifications as is the rest of the signature solutions offered in this product family.
CryptoSign Server is a digital signature engine that offers structural strength by safekeeping certificates and provides; through its own HSM (Hardware Security Module) incorporated in the platform, maximum security in certificate storage.
CryptoSign Server manages keys and certificates centrally and securely, controls the expiration dates, automatically generates keys and certificate and signature petitions, and verifies the signature of any document with the option to choose format and certificate to be used (text, graphic, office, voice, etc., and PDF, XAdES, or PKCS #7).
It also has a client that is compatible with any programming language and operating system, allowing them to be invoked from the web applications as well as from any management application.
It offers Online Administration which can authorize the creation and the safe storage of the private key in real time in a web environment, at the same time it facilitates secure certificate import, signed by any accredited certification entity.
The authentication web model is supported in certificates that are required by the web service. To do so the Signature Server incorporates an integrated Certification Authority that allows the emission of Web Authentication Certificates to be used in Management functions.
CryptoSign CSP
CryptoSign CSP is an integrated (hardware, software and HSM) server in appliance format and a complement or alternative to CryptoSign Server. It enables personal and controlled use of digital certificates that are shared by different users and can be used directly from the work station.
It incorporates features for robust Authentication of the Administrator and facilitates the certificate management in a single, centralized and secure deposit (HSM), enables the dynamic allocation of user access to each managed certificate and control of the certificate expiration using alerts by email.
Likewise, it enables the automatic creation of certification requests or renovations and has an ownership log management system for the use of certificates.
Cryptosec Mail
Cryptosec Mail is a digital signature and/or email encryption platform intended to minimize the risks of phishing (signature) or achieve the absolute confidentiality of email content (encryption) that allows generation, sending, receiving, file and message data processing securely.
This email signature solution provides assurance that the received mail has not been altered and ensures that the message sent corresponds with the message received.
The digital signature process of the email integrates communications that exchange centralized digital signature services and performs all validations, taking the existing email system. The purpose of this process is to have an email signed with a corporate digital certificate.
The functions of Cryptosec Mail allows digital signatures and encryption operations on email assembled in different formats (text, HTML, rich text) regardless whether they contain any kind of attachment. In addition, it has a Web interface for remote administration, secured using a digital certificate-based authentication.
Cryptosec Mail, enables integration with the different ERP’s on the market: SAP, People Soft, etc.
The different solutions that integrate the “CryptoSign” systems from the REALSEC portfolio provide a specific key for each of the digital signature needs aimed at the protection and security of the business processes.
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