Email security and confidentiality with Cryptosec Mail by REALSEC

REALSEC, developer of encryption and digital signature solutions, presents its email server, Cryptosec Mail, belonging to the Cryptosign product family, and that provides centralized digital signature and encryption functions for email.
In the current digital environment, email account users are able to access their accounts from the Web using any computer, regardless of the place or time, providing convenience and allowing mobility.
However, the way that the email accounts are accessed and managed is not viable for those organizations which, for confidentiality and security reasons, send digitally signed email. Companies need to maintain this environment secure while at the same time they require mobility and convenience for the business.
It can only be secure if the digital signature certificates are stored in a safe place, and not in Internet browsers or personal computers. This need is covered by Cryptosec Mail from REALSEC, which attains total confidentiality of the email content thanks to encryption and minimizes the risks of phishing using digital signature.
This cryptographic system, in addition to providing the above-mentioned signature and encryption functions centrally, also incorporates storage and securely manages the certificate keys that are used to carry out these cryptographic operations in the emails. At the same time, it ensures that outgoing emails are signed correctly and supported by the PKI infrastructure that issued the digital signature certificates.
Cryptosec Mail Features
The structure of Cryptosec Mail integrates cryptographic processes and a library, which includes native interfaces from any email server, configured to manage MIME structures and convert them to S/MIME (Secure MIME).
Digital signatures and encryption operations can be performed on email assembled from different formats (text, HTML, rich text) regardless of whether there are attached files (attachments will also be signed and encrypted).
All of the cryptographic processes take place in the systems’ Cryptographic Hardware (HSM) including key generation, storage processes, and the exponentiation with private key so they cannot be intercepted by third parties
The velocity of the signature and encryption processes is increased significantly when executed in the HSM.
Secure email management offers management tools such as: Remote Web interface secured using digital certificate authentication, Audit Logs structured in Administration Logs, Process Logs, and Error Logs; the last are sent automatically to the administrator by email with frequency that can be set with parameters. Automatic key generation and standard certification request to the desired PKI.
Cryptosec Mail can be integrated with ERP’s like SAP, People Soft,… taking the automatic output of confidential emails from the ERP’s to be encrypted by Cryptosec Mail before sending.
Implementation of Cryptosec Mail
The implementation of the device is completely compatible with the existing mail service, does not require any changes in the configuration, nor modifications at the client email level (Outlook or similar). The keys are centralized which provides security and the ability to make deployments in short periods of time.
Operation and other features
It facilitates massive digital signature of outgoing mails with a legal entity corporate certificate so its origin is guaranteed for recipients.
An SMTP service is in charge of dialogue with the email clients (Outlook) and an authentication interface communicates with the existing mail server for delivery.
It facilitates the selective encryption of outgoing emails so that its content can only be seen by the recipient.
Encryption will be made by the recipient’s public key, so that only the recipient with their private key can decrypt it.
Non-repudiation guarantee, integrity, and origin of digitally signed mail.
Guarantee of confidentiality for the encrypted mail.

More information Cryptosec Mail v.2.0.3

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