Digital signature, E-sign and PKI REALSEC’s training

In order to meet the demand and the needs of customers in different international countries in relation to have greater knowledge in the field of digital signature/ Esign (advanced electronic signtarure) and PKI public key infrastructure, REALSEC has developed a series-training module courses specialized in this field.
These modules are divided into the following content:

  • Legal regulations
  • Legal terminology
  • Basic concepts of PKI
  • Types of digital signatures
  • Formats of digital signatures
  • Digital signatures profiles
  • Lyfe cicles of digital signatures

For further information about content, development, price, duration of each module and application-specific country please contact the REALSEC’s Department of Consulting, Training and PKI via mail or phone +34 91 449 03 30.
Please, follow this link: o use this form for further information or inscription:

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