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Interview with Robert Cava – América Sistemas. Customer orientation, the key to REALSEC’s strategy

  1. 1.      What is the proposal for the Peruvian market by REALSEC and

To provide knowledge and experience in Cryptographic Technology as an “end-to-end” manufacturer of Digital Signature and Encryption Hardware and Software, in order to deliver value and opportunities to the businesses and activities of our customers through solutions aligned to meet their needs.

  1. 2.       As a REALSEC partner, what is your role?

Since our first contact with REALSEC in 2010, we have grown together with the shared philosophy of customer engagement, competitive prices and prompt quality services. This is what sets apart what REALSEC and has offered to the Peruvian market. Thanks to REALSEC, our company offers knowledge and experience to our customers. In addition, we specialize in Cryptography and Digital Signature solutions. I would like to point out that from the year 2011 to date, we have collaborated together with the assistance of over 1,500 employees of public and private entities. We provide service to everyone with no exceptions because we are here to serve those who need Cryptography and Digital Signature solution; offering the knowledge and experience that Peru will need for the journey they are beginning.

  1. 3.      What is the situation of Peruvian organizations regarding digital signature?

Here I would like to quote what was said in one of our talks on 29/02/2012 by RENIEC (National Identification and Civil Status Register Office) National Chief, Jorge Luis Yrivarren Lazo: “We have a lot to do… Having an electronic ID card (DNIe) with digital certificate in the chip issued by RENIEC will be useless to people if the State does not offer any services where they can sign electronically…  It is forcing us to think of new services that the State must provide… Even State officials do not have a system which uses this technology…”. Starting this year, the initiative taken by Peru in the implementation of digital signature, both in the public and private sector, make it an emerging market: the migration of banking towards EMV chip technology (card with microchip), electronic invoicing, digital intermediation, Government modernization and the incorporation of electronic ID to everyday life are areas where we, alongside REALSEC, have a lot to offer.

  1. 4.      How do you think the Peruvian market perceives what REALSEC offers?

REALSEC is oriented towards customer service. This can be seen in the cases where we have been with the customer from the beginning until the objectives that were set have been achieved. REALSEC specialists have a close relationship with the customers; from the initial contact to post sale, and this makes a difference. In all my commercial experience, dating back to 1996, I had never seen a manufacturer so committed as REALSEC.

  1. 5.      What is the feedback received from customers?

That we are quick and fulfill what we offer. This is what we have experienced with the implementation of the first Timestamp (TSA) in Peru which took 19 days to import all of the equipment and just 4 days for the installation, configuration and start up. Training for the first customer of the TSA service (SUNAT) took 5 days. And from my own experience, in the past I’ve seen solutions such as this take more than 90 days, even years, and with REALSEC these time frames do not exceed 30 days.

  1. 6.      What do you think about the approval of the digital signature server from REALSEC by INDECOPI?

The Cryptosign Server, already accredited by INDECOPI, is spectacular. This HSM-based solution integrates with any existing application used by the customer. I would recommend that you watch this video on Youtube to have a clear understanding of the importance of our digital certificate security since it could put the private keys at risk.

Alongside REALSEC, we have carried out several pilot projects in large public service companies; demonstrating that Cryptosign Server is fast and easy to implement. I would like to take this opportunity to offer all Government agencies and large companies the opportunity to evaluate Cryptosign Server.

  1. 7.      How is the customer service through your company as a local distributor?

As I mentioned before, our philosophy is similar to REALSEC’s. We offer the entire REALSEC product line and we focus on this technology to serve our customers better each day. We seek to collaborate, and therefore, we align our solutions to add value and provide opportunities to the client’s business. In past years and throughout the current year, we will hold talks with customers and prospects in order to help Peru and large entities implement the Digital Signature and, at the same time, the services are used by all Peruvians.
We provide national coverage and if you would like one of our representatives to visit, we would be more than glad to help:

  1. 8.      In your opinion, what advantages do REALSEC solutions offer compared to the competition?

It is clear that on many occasions the objective of the competition is to meet their sales quotas, but without knowing their customers since all the management is indirect. For example, the contact between the customer and retailer is null, as well as customer contact with the manufacturer. However, in the case of REALSEC customers; they receive a minimum of 4 visits per year since we consider it to be essential for our customers to maintain face-to-face and virtual meetings several times a month. For example, last year the CEO of REALSEC was in Peru participating in these meetings and this is not seen by other manufacturers. What makes you appreciate REALSEC the most is that they plan, research and develop solutions by looking at the specific needs of each client and, until now, nothing has been impossible to resolve when based on customer requirements. An example of this is the solution that we gave to RTGS (Real time gross settlement) which is a requirement of the BCRP (Reserve Bank of Peru) for banks (
While the competition required the customer to purchase a minimum of 1 HSM with the licenses of the HSM manufacturer optional, local development, etc.; REALSEC offered on the market 1 HSM that included licensing and an application customized for Peru (all REALSEC products come with the licenses included, the client does not have to pay more for additional functions); therefore, the client only had to pay the cost of the HSM.

  1. 9.      What has been the commercial evolution of in recent years since uniting with REALSEC?

We started learning and continue learning from REALSEC and from our clients each time we begin a new project. At the beginning our company added REALSEC as a product option in its portfolio; now REALSEC is the principal and only product in’s portfolio because we have a potential market that is progressing by leaps and bounds, and especially based on the assessment of our customers which has been very positive. We have customers in Banking, Government and the Services sector.
You can contact us at:
Calle Dean Valdivia Street 148, Edificio Platinum Plaza I, Piso 11, San Isidro, Lima – Peru

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