Interview with Cyril Drianne, REALSEC Business Development Manager Mexico. The thriving business of data encryption and digital signature

1.  REALSEC’s  expectations for 2014
Today, REALSEC’s advancement and consolidation in the market since we began our international expansion in 2007 is very tangible.
Looking at the overall market in Latin American, we can say that the REALSEC brand and technology is present in most of the countries in Latin America (Peru, Colombia, Guatemala, Panama, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Ecuador, Venezuela and Bolivia) and; of course, Mexico.
This position in the Latin American market and the financial results from 2013, combined with the rest of the continents where REALSEC is present, would lead me to say that the expectations for 2014 are looking favorable.
 2. The importance of the Mexican market for REALSEC.
Regarding Mexico, REALSEC’s position was very clear from the onset. Just over 4 years ago REALSEC opted to open an office in Mexico City and time has shown that it was the right thing to do. Today, REALSEC technology is used by more than 20 banks and financial institutions in the country, which include companies of considerable size. This also includes more than 100 clients from other sectors (Government, Industry and Services, and more than 30 companies dedicated to certification of electronic invoicing, or PAC as they are known in Spanish).
This, along with a more than 30% average annual growth, makes Mexico a very important country in REALSEC’s development plans and; therefore, our vision for Mexico is very clear. Our growth, both in technical structure as well as commercially, has demonstrated this.
3 Strategic alliances and the integration of new business partners.
Our business strategy is based on indirect sales through our partners. At this time, in Mexico, we have 10 active REALSEC business partners, with different categories (Partner Platinum, Gold and Associate). They are all companies specializing in security and their focus lies within several different sectors: Banking and Payment Methods, Government, Industry and Services sector.
Our strategy for 2014 is to increase our number of partners with a stronger presence in Government and in the Services sector, which is where we feel REALSEC has work to do and where there is room for business development.
Our strategy aims to develop and increase new alliances with companies focused on these sectors. We need about 4 or 5 specialized partners.
 4 Results from integrating channels and sales in 2013.
Although I am waiting at this time to have the exact turnover for REALSEC Mexico for 2013; I can say, however, that REALSEC Mexico sales have experienced an approximate growth of around 27% over the last year.
Likewise, the overall corporate turnover for 2013; the total growth of all countries expected by REALSEC, is around 20%.
5.  How are REALSEC solutions perceived within the market? How have REALSEC distributors received them in Mexico?
Up until about six or seven years ago, data encryption systems had as their main target market the Banking and Payment Methods sector as well as Government and Defense. However, in recent years, increased security breaches have converted data encryption into a growing need that extends to other types of organizations. Such is the case for the use of digital certificates at government level and digital signatures for e-Government development.
Likewise, we are observing how companies in Mexico; as is the case in many other countries, require email encryption, bill electronically using digital certificates, sign documents digitally, etc. They need cryptographic solutions in order to do this. For this reason, the perception of our solutions, both by our customers and distributors, is good since we efficiently cover all of these needs and with REALSEC guarantees.
This is especially true when taking into account the multiple technological solutions (based on internationally recognized standards) offered by REALSEC; from a simple Digital Signature, Timestamp, or issuing Digital Certificates; to the automatic key loading of bank ATM’s.
6.  Business sectors that have not been explored and should be taken into account when commercializing REALSEC solutions.
 As I mentioned before, at REALSEC Mexico, we think that our partners have countless opportunities to develop business in the sectors of Government, Industry and Services as well as the financial sector.
 7. Advantages offered by REALSEC to its business partners.
 REALSEC provides its partners, among others, two important advantages:
Complement their security products and solutions portfolio with leading solutions in the encryption and digital signature area to meet the demands of their customers.
Interesting economic conditions for those companies that are willing to invest in REALSEC.
8Presence in Mexico
REALSEC solutions are currently present in these sectors at a global level: Financial, Government and Defense, Industry and Services sector.
In Mexico, we are present in all the areas detailed above and, while we still have work ahead to provide complete coverage, we need to focus particularly on the Government sector over the next few years.
9.  What differentiates REALSEC solutions from others?
Our main differentiators compared to other manufacturers can be summarized into three things:
-Our commitment to partners and customers.
-Our competitive prices.
-The quality and agility of our support service, maintenance and customer service.

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