Innovation in Cybersecurity CSO Award for CYSEC

CSO Magazine recognizes the Blockchain work of this partner of REALSEC

CSO, a Cybersecurity Magazine, presented this year the first edition of its Cybersecurity Awards, where CYSEC, partner of REALSEC, has been awarded in the category of Innovation in Cybersecurity.

This award responds to the success of the project, jointly developed by REALSEC and CYSEC, in terms of implementation of HSMs (hardware security modules) for the encryption of Blockchain transactions data executed by the security platform of CYSEC.

A Swiss company, CYSEC, a partner of REALSEC, has opted for REALSEC’s HSM to provide confidence and security for transactions made on its platform through Blockchain.

To view the news about these awards click on the following LINK

Next, you can view the interview with Patrick Trinkler, CEO of CYSEC

For more information about the alliance between REALSEC and CYSEC read this press release

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