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REALSEC alliance with CYSEC

CYSEC SA, a Swiss company leader in the field of securing digital assets and critical applications has signed an OEM agreement with the Spanish cryptographic hardware vendor, REALSEC, to integrate Cryptosec-DEKATON in the trusted platform ARCA.

The powerful Cryptosec-DEKATON HSM from REALSEC is widely deployed in hundreds of Banks, governments and large Enterprise worldwide.
ARCA is a sophisticated platform to enable a safe, compliant and efficient tool to securely manage 3 party critical applications and sensitives data.
REALSEC, a company providing crypto solutions based on Hardware Security Modules (HSM) and CYSEC, a company providing a secure execution environment to safely manage digital assets, have signed an alliance to offer an integrated solution to the market, using CYSEC’s ARCA in the Blockchain space that relies on REALSEC HSM, to offer security and confidence to blockchain based transactions.The main objective of this agreement is to provide CYSEC’s customers with a reliable solution offering the highest security standards when it comes to protecting the keys involved in the different crypto transactions, as well as introducing powerful acceleration for crypto calculations, thus providing the highest throughput in the market.
As part of this agreement, REALSEC will include ARCAONE for Blockchain application in their own portfolio of products and will actively market this solution in Spain and Latin America.

According to Jesús Rodriguez Cabrero, CEO of REALSEC, ARCA for Blockchain provides endless advantages and possibilities to channel business processes to digital transformation”  
“I am convinced that in the next years we will see how many banking transactions, overseas payments smart contracts and other similar operations will be managed by Blockchain platforms, a technology that requires robust and compliant security, to provide a trusted environment”

Patrick Trinkler, CEO of CYSEC, says: Cryptosec-DEKATON HSM is the UNIQUE HSM adapted to the new cryptographic needs and the DNA of REALSEC has the agility and innovation as main topic.”

Cryptosec-DEKATON HSM from REALSEC is a new generation powerful and sophisticated crypto device that provides highest throughput and utilizes different ECC based crypto algorithms, as well as many others, for encryption and digital signature platforms, which is currently PCI HSM PTS 2.0 certified, as well as FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and COMMON CRITERIA EAL4+ (in progress).

International Agreement

The agreement undersigned by both companies includes marketing cooperation in Latin America, where REALSEC will act as the main distributor of CYSEC to promote the final ARCAONE in countries like México, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, Panama or Uruguay, where REALSEC has a wide customer base and large presence.
REALSEC is a Spanish crypto vendor providing highly secure and sophisticated encryption and digital signature solutions for different vertical sectors like Banking & Payments, Government & Defense and large Multisector enterprises
REALSEC’s business strategy is committed with highest security standards by providing state of the art final integrated solutions in one single device (HW+ SW+ HSM) together with highly professional services and customer support. All solutions rely on own   HSM Cryptosec-DEKATON, which is certified by PCI HSM PTS 2.0, FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and  Common Criteria EAL4+ (in progress), which positions REALSEC as a leading crypto vendor committed with quality and compliance of the highest security standards worldwide.
REALSEC is a Spanish company, which HQ is located in Madrid, including R&D, and sales offices in USA, Mexico and Singapore, as well as a wide network of partners deployed in the five continents
REALSEC’s customer base include some of the largest worldwide leaders in the Industry, Government & Defense and the most important Banks across Europe, the Americas and Asia/Pacific.
For further information on REALSEC:
Ana Belén Sánchez Tébar
Communications Manager
Phone no..+34 914 490 330 / 606 838 436
CYSEC is a Swiss Company providing reliable cybersecurity best-in-class security platform ARCAONE in order to protect critical applications and sensitive data.  
For further information on ArcaTrust:
Patrick Trinkler
Phone no ..+41 76 581 12 65

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