realsec expands its product portfolio two secure platforms blockchai the internet of things iot

REALSEC expands its product portfolio with two secure platforms for Blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT)

REALSEC launches, after the agreement with the Swiss company CYSEC, two platforms for Blockchain, IoT, Edge & Space environments that facilitate the deployment of new secure digital services within the Digital Transformation process of sectors such as finance, industry and government.

Two innovative and cutting-edge solutions in its field of application:

  • ARCAONE: A Robust and Secure Blockchain Platform for regulated business environments.

ARCAONE strengthens encryption to protect the Blockchain blocks structure and reinforces the processes of generation and custody of signature keys, used in Smarts Contracts, using reliable and certified hardware cryptography that strengthens security.

An ideal platform for use in economic and financial transactions, digital identity validation, process registration and traceability, cryptocurrency custody or digital signature in Blockchain based on Smart Contracts.

A solution that, in addition to strengthening security, provides agility, transparency and cost reduction.

  • ARCATWO: A Secure and Agile Platform for new expanding markets without IoT cybersecurity, Edge Computing & Space, and also Blockchain.

Solution oriented to less demanding markets in terms of regulation but, in turn, can incorporate and benefit from all the features or cases of use that apply in Blockchain technology, inherited from its sister platform ARCAONE, thanks to its flexibility in developing and deploying applications to manage any Blockchain-based business process.

It forms an agile and robust ecosystem for smart device infrastructures connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) network.

Encryption of data generated by IoT devices and identity authentication for risk protection of Phishing or DDoS attacks using certified cryptographic hardware (HSM).

A secure and ideal platform for Smart Cities projects, factories, smart vehicles and homes or any other Internet of Things (IoT) application, which provides data integrity managed in such projects.

Both Blockchain platforms, in appliance format, base their security on the encryption and signature algorithms and functions of REALSEC’s HSM Cryptosec-DEKATON  that increases trust and provides the highest level of security and can be used in OnPremise mode, in Cloud and Hybrid Cloud mode.

As an added value to both platforms, REALSEC’s leadership as a manufacturer of cryptographic systems coupled with CYSEC’s expertise and innovative spirit in Blockchain technology, guarantee its reliability and quality, as well as technical and professional commitment in the deployment and maintenance of its products.

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