REALSEC increases its turnover by 21% in 2015

• Improves its outcomes in the local market, with an increase of 28% of its sales in Spain.
• Keeps its leadership in the foreign market, whose results represent 67% of the global turnover of the company.

In line with its forecasts, REALSEC continues its path of growth, leading to a growth of 21% in 2015.
The foreign market is still a top priority in the REALSEC business development, strengthening its presence with a turnover that represents 67% of its total sales, distributed mainly in America, Asia and some EMEA countries. It is in these countries where REALSEC is improving its market positioning.
Moreover, once again, for the second consecutive year, REALSEC has grown in the local market by increasing its turnover by 28% with regard to the year 2014.
In conclusion, REALSEC growth is related to the fulfilment of the goals of its strategic plan, which includes the increase new clients and the opening and consolidation of new markets.
Therefore, it is worth stating that REALSEC is planning to open a new subsidiary in 2016 and also launch new solutions to the market.
REALSEC has achieved over the last years to overcome the crisis, maintain its growth, gain a good position and project itself as a reference company for security technology  with international presence and prestige.
“Year after year, our positioning in other markets gains strength and REALSEC is consolidating itself globally as an accredited company, with a potential future and become a leader in the field of cybersecurity” said Jesús Rodríguez, President and CEO REALSEC.
He adds “Our main challenge in 2016 is to launch renewed technology and work to continue growing both in Spain and in other markets.”

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