REALSEC integrates Digital Signature, Key Management and Time Stamping in a unique appliance

One of the most relevant technological advance in terms of security has been improving, without any doubt, guarantees of authenticity and the fact there is no documents’ alteration in the electronic process. This development has provided Digital Signature itself, when using solutions as CryptoSign Server from REALSEC.
However, needs coming from both businesses and public administration go much further, as they are often demanding the time stamp (to record the signature’s date and time)
There are 3 different and complementary processes that were, until now, impossible to realize jointly, for any solution in the market. But, now, REALSEC solves the issue with the launch of LTV Sign Suite, which can integrate all previous mentioned functions in a unique suite. This solution also greatly reduces the cost and effort of implementation against the alternative of purchasing and then implementing separately each one of these solutions.
The LTV Sign Suite integrates, in a single product, all the features that, until now, could be found separately in solutions like CryptoSign Server, CryptoSign Server CSP and CryptosecOpenKey TSA . All these are now combined with a Centralized Management of certificate’s private keys, which is providing, as an added-value, the “longevity” and legal long-term recognition of the signature.
LTV Sign Suite is a pioneer in the market, as it is the first solution integrating all functionalities from the mentioned “stand-alone” REALSEC’s solutions, all based in the new Suite:
–          The REALSEC CryptoSign Signature platform, offering digital signature services on any application or process, no matter what device is used (computer, tablet, and smartphone) and its operating system.
–          The safe custody of private keys, CryptoSign CSP used by customers in their signing process, in a single HSM (Hardware Security Module) device.
–          The REALSEC CryptosecOpenKey TSA function, adding the date and time associated with any digital signature process and synchronizing this Time Stamping Authority with any source (NTP).
With REALSEC, it is now possible to do Digital Signature, Time Stamping and Centralized Management of private keys with a unique platform that includes integrated and secure hardware and software, in one appliance.
Moreover, LTV Sign Suite includes support for digital signature of various documents’ formats (Adobe PDF, XAdES, PKCS#7) as well as any electronic file type (text, graphics, Office, Voice), ensuring maximum security benefits.

Source: Hay Canal

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