REALSEC Launches H3P, Data Preparation and Cryptographic Key Management Tool for EMV Banking Cards

REALSEC, a provider of cryptographic solutions, has announced the availability of the REALSEC H3P in North America. The product facilitates the transition from magnetic stripe to EMV card issuance by automating the required steps. It also can read original magnetic stripe card issuance files, eliminating conversions steps and the need to modify host applications, the company said
H3P provides an intuitive data prep and key management environment for the issuance of EMV-compliant cards. It combines the REALSEC Cryptosec PCI hardware security module with software for data collection, creation and protection of cryptographic keys, as well as output file preparation required to issue EMV cards.
The Cryptosec PCI HSM is fully certified for FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and Common Criteria EAL4+. PCI DSS certification is in progress, Realsec said in an announcement.
With REALSEC H3P, EMV card profiles, including multi-application cards, can easily be defined using the system’s graphical user interface. Output is generated in a standardized, XML-based open file format that readily integrates with most card printers and card production systems. The XML format can easily be customized to each user’s application requirements.
Following is a list of the key features of REALSEC H3P:

  • Prototype packages that enable customers to try the technology with a relatively low investment;
  • Ease of use that eliminates time-consuming training;
  • Scalability that lets users add multiple HSMs to their network to reduce data preparation time;
  • Maximum throughput of up to 7,700 EMV DDA operations per hour;
  • Automatic generation of a bank’s unique EMV master issuance certificate request to card brands with import of signed issuer certificates;
  • Complete hardware and software solution that eliminates issues related to multivendor solutions;
  • Full EMV standard support for debit, credit, contactless and prepaid cards;
  • Multi-application (e.g., financial product + reward card);
  • Standard output format file; works with any card printer;
  • Instant issuance capabilities (integration with Fargo printers)

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