REALSEC will once again sponsor the STIC CCN-CERT Conference

For the third consecutive year, REALSEC, a company dedicated to secure technology through encryption and digital signature, will sponsor the CCN-CERT Conference to show its support for their continued commitment towards the improvement and reinforcement of national cybersecurity.

Madrid, December 1, 2014 – REALSEC, developer of encryption and digital signature  systems, will participate for the third consecutive year in the VIII STIC Conference, which will be held on December 10-11.

These conferences, organized annually by CCN CERT, are a must for all professionals interested in cybersecurity in Spain. Their main objective is to become a meeting ground for those involved in the world of cybersecurity, where advances within the sector can be presented as well as share valuable information; and therefore, present a common front against cyber threats and reinforce our cyberspace security.
Based on CCN’s goal to create a solid cybersecurity culture in Spain, REALSEC will continue to provide support for their conferences, whose theme this year is “Technological assets against cyber attacks“.  The conference will address strategies and actions so that public administrations, businessses, and citizens; all vulnerable to cyber attacks, may be proactive when faced with potential cyber threats and know how to successfully deter cyber attacks, with the consequences being the reinforcement of our national security.
When referring to the fourth point of the National Cybersecurity Strategy, it is important to educate citizens, professionals, businesses, and public administrations about the risks of cyberspace.
This year the conference will focus on 3 separate divisions: Cyberespionage/APTs; New threats, tools, and technologies; and National Cybersecurity Strategy, National Security Framework, and Regulatory Compliance.
It should be noted that this year the conference will be held in the Ilustre Colegio de Médicos in Madrid since they are expecting more than 700 attendees. Also, with an increase in the number of technical workshops designed for the conference, it is a clear sign that the event has grown and has improved, attracting more experts from the sector each year.
Over the last few years, the networks and systems of public and private organizations that manage strategic information have been vulnerable to cyber attacks from hackers, who use very advanced techniques (APTs); and therefore, must take action to eradicate this blight with the best possible guarantees for success.
According to Rafael Cuenca, Business Development Director at REALSEC Spain: “At REALSEC, we want to continue supporting these events for the enormous value they add as an educational and informative benchmark within the world of cybersecurity since they are backed by professional experts from the sector who are focusing, not only on how public administrations can be protected and strengthened against the APTs, but also businesses and citizens who are also potential victims of cyber attacks.
Technological assets against cyber attacks
The technological boom and the consequent development of a digital society; for public and private organizations as well as users, has supposed a huge social progress for our country and has served to strengthen the digital economy.
This has resulted in the ability to share information more easily, but at the same time, to becoming the target of attacks by cyber criminals, who when faced with the smallest weakness in security systems, attack to access strategic information illegally.
In view of this, the Spanish Government CERT advocates the VIII STIC Conference and has increased its capacity as well as the information content to include more than just that of the public administration. As the National Cybersecurity Agency, it is meant to ensure a quick and effective response to attacks orchestrated by industrial cyberespionage on classified systems; both in public administration systems as well as other types of businesses and organizations of strategic interest for the country, and that may endanger their most critical information.
For these reasons, REALSEC, will once again sponsor this event to show its commitment to cybersecurity, and that in addition to promoting this activity and others similar in nature, provides support every day with its data encryption and digital signature solutions to deal with the attacks from cybercriminals and to back strategic business assets, and whose solutions will be presented at the conference.

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