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REALSEC: Secure technology, recovery engine

Someone who has been at the forefront of marketing and communication for Telefónica or the association of technology companies AMETIC, is someone to listen to when talking about cybersecurity. Ana Belén Sánchez Tebar is today Head of Marketing and Communication at international level at REALSEC, a company specialized in encryption systems, digital signature and Blockchain Cybersecurity for Banking and Methods of Payment, Government and Defense sectors and Multisector. Today in Influyentes, she states that “we must give secure technology the opportunity to be an engine of social and economic recovery.

Increasingly, technology plays a key role in our lives and in situations such as the current health crisis, where the Digital Transformation has been essential for our daily life, both in online shopping, teleworking and other types of actions. We see that it is something we can no longer give up because it has changed the way we live and relate to each other. If we want to use reliable technology, cybersecurity is our greatest ally. Cybercriminals not only never cease their criminal activity, but also increase it in times of crisis.

Undoubtedly, the onset of the pandemic, a little over a year ago, has accelerated many Digital Transformation processes and their securitization. From this situation and what is being called the “new normality”, comes the opportunity for technology to reach everyone and become another habit in our lives. Even more so, if we take into account that the use of cell phones for technological management has increased significantly in recent years.

Another example of this scenario is the decline in the use of cash in favor of the use of other digital methods of payment, and not only the traditional cards associated with a bank account, but we have seen how other payment options, known as Open Banking, such as third-party apps (Amazon Pay, Google Pay…) are becoming more and more important along with wallets, prepaid-virtual cards and contacless cards. As well as other payment apps, transactions and financial operations through blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, in which even traditional banks are becoming interested and the central banks of different countries are beginning to intervene in their regulation, as is the case of the European Central Bank and the Euro Digital.

Here, I would like to clarify that cryptocurrencies are just another application of blockchain technology, because many people believe that blockchain is reduced only to cryptocurrencies, and this is not true. Blockchain is a cryptographic technology that allows us not only to perform financial transactions with maximum security, but it is also being very effective in other sectors such as logistics, hospitality or Public Administration, among others. On this subject, I invite you to read a report recently released by REALSEC, which you can download HERE.

And do not forget that the 5G network and devices connected to the Internet, known as the Internet of Things (IoT) is increasingly implemented in our forms of payment (IoP- Internet of Payments) as is the example of electronic toll payment on highways; and for this to be secure and not be victims of fraud, as in the examples mentioned above, technology and cybersecurity must go hand in hand.

Teleworking, which more and more companies are betting on, is another basic pillar in this Digital Transformation because it is proving that with the right technological and cybersecurity tolos, this is possible, while offering us a better professional and personal conciliation. If we go a step further, we see that this has helped us to get to know our co-workers better and be more empathetic. Who has not participated in a meeting from home without being able to prevent their children from making noise or listening to the washing machine in the background? And this, in short, makes us more human.

This pandemic, as unpredictable as devastating, has taught us many lessons. According to the marketing and communication professional, one of them is that we must give secure technology the opportunity to be an engine of social and economic recovery, since in times of crisis it has shown that it does not fall, but grows stronger, and it is a strategic ally for survival.  In addition, its application in different business models will allow an optimization of strategic and long-lasting resources and efficiency.

REALSEC will continue to support customers such as financial institutions, Government and Defense and other critical infrastructures, in the protection and security of their information, thus supporting the creation of cybersecure environments based on a robust cryptographic technology that is difficult for cybercriminals to break and, that in turn, contributes to the reinforcement of National Security.

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