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Exciting new features just released in our cryptographic network attached server, Cryptosec LAN and in email’s esignature and encryption  server, Cryptosec Mail.

REALSEC is proud to announce these significant enhancements applied to our Cryptosec LAN and Cryptosec Mail solutions.
As part of our general purpose portfolio, Cryptosec LAN now provides native High Availability and Load Balancing features, with automatic objects replication.
In addition, Cryptosec LAN has been integrated with Trusted X and Keyone, thus widening the portfolio of third party software solutions that rely on our Network attached HSM.
More information HERE
On the other hand, our email’s digital signature and encryption server, Cryptosec Mail, a relevant member of our suite of encryption and digital signature solutions, now provides 3 new exciting features:
– Option to become integrated  with more than 1 SMTP (Multi SMTP)
Compatible with mobile platforms (iOS, Android, and Windows Phone) as a mail client.
Encryption capabilities both for corporate and external users.
More information HERE

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