REALSEC with encryption and digital signature in the Digital Security Congress 2016

Last June 16, REALSEC was present as a digital signature and encryption company and sponsor in the Digital Security Congress 2016 which was organized by IFAES and  celebrated its second edition this year in the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.
Several people visited the REALSEC stand with the aim to learn about encryption and digital signature solutions, based on cryptography, in order to know how these solutions are your best ally for cybersecurity and minimize possible risks of fraud.
REALSEC presented its portfolio of financial cryptographic solutions geared towards payment means, HSM solution, PKI solutions, time stamping solutions, electronic billing signature, digital signature / electronic signature solutions and encryption and e-mail signature.
In addition, two Real Madrid t-shirts were raffled among those who came to our stand and whose winners were professionals in the field of information security from Banco Cetelem and Adecco.
At the same time, REALSEC CEO, Jesús Rodríguez, was in charge of moderating the Panel Discussion: “Security in digital environments: cyber-security, risk management and fraud prevention” involving staff of digital security from Cortefiel, Correos, Letsbonus and Evo Banco.
From Evo Banco, matters regarding specific malware that attacks the banking sector were discussed, emphasizing that the prevention of third-party systems is an obligation for banking security (citing as an example that if a payment is made in Madrid and another in Rome, a few minutes later, the evidence of fraud should be reflected). In addition, Evo Banco is strongly committed to the big data and the contact less.
The speaker from Cortefiel insisted that no one is safe of being victims of the cyber-criminals, something on which there is awareness from the management of the company to the sales representatives of each store (“if not needed a Personal Account Number of a card, it is not necessary to ask for it, and much less to store it”).
Correos stressed out that it is necessary that the government encourages a greater awareness in the field of public safety in Spain with regard to this field as it is already being done in other countries like the UK. There shouldn’t be a partial view of the fraud, but a broader mind instead.
The person responsible for the payment means from Letsbonus also highlighted the UK as an example since he noticed that the e-commerce-related online fraud is only 1% in this country. Although he also pointed out that in Spain it is not as negative as it is in contrast with other countries.
Evo Banco CISO pointed out the importance of cryptography to eradicate the impersonation and the importance of PCI regulations to prevent vulnerabilities.  REALSEC CEO added that this is already a reality thanks to robust solutions based on cryptography.
From Correos they emphasized the importance of making information theft not cost-effective and to apply cryptography with encryption and digital signature for confidentiality.
Cortefiel security officer talked about the importance of user-customer certificates and for payment with suppliers, as well as the progress which involve solutions based on EMV Data Preparation technology to increase the security of banking transactions and lower the risk of fraud.
REALSEC also echoed the importance of the two-factor authentication and also talked about solutions efficiency that centralize digital certificates.
The person responsible from Letsbonus tried the great pressure that prevails in the world of online transactions, more than in the offline world.
He stressed that for example in the US the cvv of bank cards is not prompted, which clearly compromises the security of the process. But at the same time he pointed out the inconvenience that often involves extreme security which turn out in less usability and may result in fewer sales.
Other points that were commented in the table were the NFC technology and its not yet mature stage and Cortefiel mentioned that for them it is a technology in growth.
With regard to the APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats), everyone agreed that prevention and monitoring is key with a preventive approach against malware and reactive in case of infection.
Also,  REALSEC’s CEO was interviewed by IFAES about Digital Security and REALSEC.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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