Víntegris signs an OEM agreement with Realsec for digital certificates protection through the integration of its solutions

  • The integrated solution includes the implementation of centralized management of digital certificates vinCERT and HSM Hardware Security Module Cryptosec LAN for protection and custody of certificates keys.

  • Realsec will also act as a technological partner of Vintegris in Latin America, where the cryptographic equipment supplier focuses much of its business.

Madrid, April 25, 2016. Realsec, developer of cryptographic systems based on hardware, and Víntegris, developer of security software solutions, have partnered to provide an integrated solution to national and international markets for protection of digital certificates, guarded in the HSM from Realsec.
The solution integrates the custody program and integrated management of digital certificates vinCERT of Vintegris with the HSM Hardware Security Module Cryptosec LAN of Realsec, setting up a global response to the protection needs of certificates of the companies, pointed currently by the technological evolution towards the Internet of Things.
Realsec’s HSM, Cryptosec Lan, is a network high-performance cryptographic server, encryption services-oriented and digital signature applications, regardless of the operating system where these reside and with the most important international certifications in security.
vinCERT is the pioneer program of management, control and audit of digital certificates in the market. Currently in version 3.0, leading bank entities, insurance companies, and distribution companies in Spain manage their digital certificates with it.

Agreement with an international vocation

The agreement signed between the two companies includes the commercial collaboration in Latin America, where Realsec will act as a Vintegris partner to enhance its solutions vinCERT and nebulaCERT, especially in Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, Panama, Uruguay and Venezuela, countries where Realsec has broad presence.
In addition, both companies sign a bilateral agreement to commercialize its products both in Spain and abroad.
This agreement represents the beginning of a collaboration between both technology manufacturers in which they expect to develop new projects together in the mid term.

About Realsec

Realsec is a technology company, which develops encryption and digital signature systems for Banking and Payment Providers, Government and Defense and Multisector.
Its business strategy and commitment to security is to offer to the market integrated solutions in a single device (HW+SW+ HSM) accompanied by a high level of support and maintenance and whose HSM Cryptosec PCI features, optionally, with international certifications FIPS 140-2 Level 3 by NIST (US and Canada) and Common Criteria EAL4+ by CCN, which we rank as one of the manufacturers with the highest level of security certification around the world.
Realsec is a company with an expansion vocation and today has offices in Spain (headquarter and R&D&i center), US and Mexico, as well as an extensive network of partners that allows them to be present in 5 continent clients, generating most of its business in foreign markets.
Its customer base is made up of leaders from the industry and government fields, as well as more than 150 banks from around the world.
Realsec also participates in various initiatives linked to the information security sector and collaborates with different universities and technological and research centers.

 About Víntegris

Vintegris is a manufacturer of information security solutions, and a specialist in the areas of managing digital certificates, digital signature and users robust authentication, in it which has developed innovative systems and applications that today are being used by leading bank entities, insurance companies, and distribution companies in Spain.
Its solutions provide an added value in their respective segments and have the endorsement of the market. Among them is vinCERT, the first program of management, control and audit of digital certificates in the market, and vinACCESS, versatile system of robust authentication, totaling about 150,000 users only in Spain.
Vintegris is a company deeply committed to innovation. Its R&D&i center is located in Barcelona and in 2015 allocated 12.4% of its budget to new solutions development.
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