10 questions for REALSEC Argentina

CanalAR spoke with Ángel de Inés, Business Development Director for REALSEC Argentina, about why the company has chosen Argentina to establish themselves in the region.
REALSEC, a Spanish company which manufactures encryption and digital signature solutions, is looking to grow in the region and has opted to establish themselves in Argentina in what they consider a “priority market”.
CanalAR spoke with Ángel de Inés, the local Business Development Director, regarding REALSEC’s strategy. Here are the 10 questions raised by CanalAR and directed at REALSEC.
Here at REALSEC, we are expecting heavy growth in the region with Argentina being a priority market.
1.       What does REALSEC bring to the Argentinian market as a manufacturer of encryption and digital signature solutions?
REALSEC provides, as a leading company in its sector, above all, experience and a desire to collaborate in the development of the Argentinian market. This includes Digital Signature development as well as any other type of initiative based on cryptographic solutions. All of this backed by our solutions portfolio and a fully qualified and experienced team which includes our local partners.
2.       How long has REALSEC been in Argentina?
With a solid infrastructure, since the beginning of 2013.
Argentina formed a part of the internationalization process that REALSEC set in motion in early 2008.
We can clearly say that for us the Argentinian market is not a temporary venture as we are strongly committed to this market and are here to stay.
3.       Which alliances/partners does REALSEC have in Argentina? Do you expect to increase the alliances? What does REALSEC offer its partners?
Right now we have all of our internationalization and distribution needs covered. Commercially, we have alliances with partners and advisors in Argentina who are the ones who really know the market in depth.
In the financial sector, we are very satisfied and are working to enhance our trade agreements for the public and business administration sectors. Here, I would encourage any interested parties to contact us.
REALSEC’s policy regarding its partners is clear; offering total support, honesty and transparency in its partnership agreements. Of course, we also ask for the same thing. In short, we believe in a win-win relationship.
4.       What is REALSEC’s current situation in Argentina?
The most important thing for any business is its clients, and at the moment we can say that we have clients who have trusted in our solutions.
Taking into account that not even 2 years have gone by, this is an achievement and a great incentive to face the future.
5.       What are REALSEC’s business objectives in Argentina?
The most important is to consolidate ourselves as a true, local, and proven alternative in the cryptographic solutions and Digital Signature fields.
Of course, we have our internal road map and also rely on the “take one match at a time” standard.
6.       Why is this market important for REALSEC?
Because we consider it a mature market. Argentina has had a Digital Signature law since the end of 2001 which has since evolved with its different decrees and resolutions.
It has multiple initiatives; such as pay slips, e-invoicing, e-Government, etc.
In the finance sector; EMV chip cards, automatic updating of ATM keys, etc.
As said before, REALSEC, as an experienced and specialized cryptographic solutions manufacturer, can provide solutions and add value. This translates into opportunities and business growth.
7.       What is your opinion about the implementation of the digital signature by public administration, banking and companies in Argentina?
We can say that it will be an evolutionary process and that it will depend on two variables: the support and initiative of the Administration and the resources or investment capabilities of each entity. Here, we want to emphasize that we are speaking of investment, not expenditure.
The implementation seen in the province of San Luis is a success story.
An example of this process is the tremendously positive news that the ONTI is considering new applications for new Authority Certificates.
I’d like to comment that from an operations point of view, we see the coexistence of the concept of electronic signature with digital signature as complicated although it is regulated in the Act 25.506.
8.       What differentiates REALSEC from its competitors in the Argentinian market?
Mainly three things: the first is that we are not simple HSM (Hardware Security Module) manufacturers; the second, our quality and support; and the third is our commitment to the customer.
9.       What do REALSEC’s clients in Argentina have to say?
Their feedback is very positive, especially regarding our quality service and technical support which in this type of product is critical and essential.
10.   In addition to Argentina, in what other countries does REALSEC have business operations?
If we focus on the American continent, we have subsidiary offices in Mexico and USA. In addition, we have a wide network of partners in: Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Panama, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia and Chile.

Source: Canal AR

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