Carlos de Vicente, REALSEC Business Management Director Peru

Interview Carlos de Vicente. Business Development Manager of REALSEC Peru: The local growth of REALSEC will be very important.

1.       What are the business objectives of REALSEC in Peru?
Considering that Peru is a country that advances by leaps and bounds regarding the use of the latest technologies; the goal is to collaborate openly with Banks, Government and Businesses in Peru.
Although this interest in collaboration may seem like a cliché, in our case, it is quite real. It is about growing, hand-in-hand, and providing knowledge and experiences; quite the reverse of the idea of dispatch mercantilism.
Based on our extensive portfolio of cryptographic products and solutions, we are committed to the Peruvian market and hope that they see us more as a “collaborator” than as a “supplier”, offering the knowledge of someone who has already traveled down this path and the journey that they are now beginning.
2.       What does REALSEC offer that distinguishes it from its competitors in the Peruvian market?
With regard to our competitors, I must confess that when at the beginning of 2012 REALSEC put me in charge of Business Development in Peru, I found myself in a situation that was almost unbelievable: in Peru in the area of cryptography hardware there was only one brand and one exclusive distributor.
This monopoly of the Peruvian market was completely new to us, and we decided to ignore it and bet heavily on the market just as we have been doing in the other countries where we are working actually.
The main differences with respect to other manufacturers can be summarized in these three things:
–          Our commitment to our customers and partners
–          Our competitive prices
–          Quality and efficient support, maintenance, and customer service.
3. Why is the Peruvian market important for REALSEC?
As I mentioned before; due to Peru’s initiatives in implementing new technologies, both in the public and private sector, this has converted them into a fast-growing market with regard to what we offer.
The migration of  Payment Methods toward the standards of cards with microchip, digital invoicing, digital intermediation, Government modernization, incorporation of electronic ID in our day-to-day… are actions and new regulations in which REALSEC has a lot to contribute.
4.       Market positioning and sales prospects in Peru
We have only been working in Peru for a short period of time; and in a vertical market like ours, the growth graph always shows an increment in parabolic form.
Our current clients in Peru are several financial institutions, public administration and utilities companies. As you can see a solid basis for further growth.
Currently, we have an extensive portfolio of ongoing offers with optimal positioning. This permits us to predict that in 2014 our local growth will be very important.
5.       REALSEC global growth in 2013
The provisional data consolidated globally for 2013 shows us an approximate turnover of 20%. It should be noted, that in light of the current global economic situation, this figure sounds really good.
6.       After the recent approval of the signature server by INDECOPI, are you awaiting approval on any other system at the moment?
REALSEC will always try to adapt to the current reality in Peru and, therefore, adapt to its laws. Trademark and product registration, the supplier registrations, approvals, etc.
Right now, we do not have any other product in our portfolio that is subject to local approval. If in the future this situation exists, we would proceed without a doubt with this process
7.       What alliances/partners does REALSEC have in Peru? Do you expect to add to these alliances? What does REALSEC offer its partners?
Our presence in the Peruvian market is currently supported by:
• 1 Wholesaler specializing in Security products
• 3 Partners orientated toward and with expertise in Banking, Public Administration and Businesses.
At the moment, it doesn’t appear to be imperative to increase partnerships.
We work “shoulder-to-shoulder” with them on a daily basis throughout the process: pre-sale, sale and post-sale support. And, of course, we travel often to Peru to maintain a direct relationship with our customers.
8.       What impression do Peruvian clients have of REALSEC?
This question should be directed toward our clients. However, I dare say, because of the personal contact that I have with all of them; the impression is a good and positive one.
9.       Success stories
For REALSEC, every one of its clients is a success story. And everyone, regardless of size or purchase volume, is very important to us. We are as equally concerned about a public certification authority; such as a small Bank, as we are a company that issues digital invoices.
But, if your question is to point out a “landmark” case, I would mention that as of today, the only Entity with Timestamp installed fully operational, accredited and providing services in Peru is from REALSEC.
10.   In addition to Peru, in what other countries are REALSEC represented?
By not overextending and focusing on the American continent, apart from our subsidiary offices in Mexico and USA; we have a commercial presence (and customers) in: Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Panama, Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia and Chile.
In some of these countries, as well as Partners distributors, we work closely with a local delegate, even without having formed a local subsidiary company.

Carlos de Vicente.

REALSEC Business Management Director Peru

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