REALSEC Unveils First Long-Term Validity Digital Signature Appliance

The new suite integrates Digital Signature,Centralized Key Management and Time Stamping in a single, ready-to-use secure appliance.
• The Long-Term Validity Digital Signature Suiteensures document authenticity, certifying the exact moment that it is signed- giving it legal validity and longevity.
San Francisco, Oct. 28, 2013 – REALSEC, a global leader in encryption and digital signature solutions for businesses and financial institutions, is launching today its new Long-Term Validity (LTV) Digital Signature Suite, an all-in-one solution that includes Digital Signature, Key Management and Time Stamping system, pre-loaded on a ready-to-use, secure appliance.
The LTV Digital Signature Suite is a response to today’s market need for an easy-to-use secure solution to digitally sign documents in real time, digitally stamp them with the date and time they were validated on, and certify the entire process.
In addition, the LTV Digital Signature Suite facilitates the certificate validation against any available CRL. Using an OCSP client to query any Validation Authority (VA), including REALSEC’s own VA (available in the suite), ensures that the certificate has not been revoked and is valid at the time of signing.
The LTV Digital Signature Suite appliance includes:
• An Advanced Electronic Signature platform that can be used with any kind of documents.
• A centralized certificate’s private key management system.
• A Time Stamping Authority (TSA) that can be synchronized with any reliable time source (NTP).
The LTV Digital Signature Suite is the only solution available on the market that can ensure the integrityand authenticity of the signed documents, while certifying the exact time when the signature was made, and the validity of the certificate used in the process.
All these features combined, give legal validity and longevity to the digital signature of any document, providing irrefutable proof during an audit process.
“The LTV Digital Signature Suite is about to disrupt the entire digital signature industry. Our all-in-one appliance solution is also the only one in the market to combine unlimited certificates, the highest transaction performance throughput, and an affordable flat pricing structure,” explains Sebastian Munoz, the CEO of REALSEC Inc.
The LTV Digital Signature Suite comes pre-installed in a secure appliance and ready-to-use, resulting in significant cost savings, reduced implementation time, faster time-to-market and a very quick ROI.
REALSEC is a global leader in secure cryptographic technologies, digital signature, PKI and secure digital timestamp solutions for the private sector, public agencies, the financial and the healthcare markets. The company’s secure solutions are tightly vertically integrated, combining hardware, software and HSM (Hardware Security Module) with in-depth technical support, maintenance and services.
REALSEC is one of only 2 companies in the world with cryptographic hardware devices that are both NIST FIPS 140-2 Level 3 (USA and Canada) and Common Criteria EAL 4+ certified. With offices in San Francisco, Europe and Mexico, REALSEC has built a strong global partner network extending its presence to over 25 countries. Customers include industry leaders, governments, as well as over 50 banks worldwide.
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