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Secure electronic payment systems with REALSEC

Due to the establishment of regulations regarding security requirements for the financial sector and payment systems, banks have found themselves with an increasing need to use solutions based on cryptographic technology to meet these security requirements.
REALSEC, a leading company in the development of in-house cryptographic solutions for encryption and digital signature, offers 3 solutions targeted specifically to meet the needs of the Banking sector:
• Financial cryptographic hardware (Cryptosec Banking)
• Data Preparation for EMV cards (H3P)
• Remote Master Key loading in ATM’s (Cryptosec RKL)
The implementation of these solutions will allow financial institutions to meet their technical needs such as the use of digital signature to avoid phishing, secure key updates in ATM’s, migration of bank cards to chip technology, or transaction approval while increasing overall security and confidence of their payment methods. The result is equally beneficial for the institutions as well as the end users.
• The first REALSEC solution presented is a cryptographic server network for financial transactions and payment methods called Cryptosec Banking.
This solution is made up of financial cryptographic hardware that includes all of the standard commands and functions used by this sector ensuring transaction security and key custody.
It is a complete encryption and validation solution for electronic transactions complying with functions such as EMV, PIN, RTGS, etc. while offering a performance that is superior when compared to solutions offered by our competitors.
• The H3P, EMV Data Preparation for smart cards, is a tool to help successfully migrate from magnetic strip to chip technology making it the ideal solution to carry out the entire process of EMV/CEPS card personalization.
With H3P from REALSEC, files can be created for the personalization of credit/debit chip cards and associated with any brand (VISA, Mastercard, JBC…) or include non-financial applications (multiplication).
Within the EMV environment, H3P allows the generation of static (SDA) and dynamic (DDA) type cards for credit, debit or pre-paid cards.
It is a simple and intuitive management system.
Cryptosec RKL (Remote Key Load) is a server for the remote loading of initialization keys for ATM’s.
The loading process is carried out through asymmetric key cryptographic technology (certificates and digital signatures) which is supported by industry-specific technology standards such as ANSI and PCI.
A protocol for mutual authentication through asymmetric key exchange between the ATM and the Server guarantee the absence of a “man-in-the middle” and can automate the transport of master keys to the network of ATM’s securely and risk-free.
Based on this process, the Remote Key Load system allows the automation of key renewals, both by the local agent installed in the ATM’s (password aging) as well as by the Service Administrator (possible risk detection).
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Ultimately, REALSEC offers a comprehensive portfolio to satisfy all the security needs and requirements for the financial sector.

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