Registration Authority

Cryptosec Openkey RA: (Registration Authority)

The Registration Authority is the access point for end-users to the Certification Authority. At the same time as it is the instrument on which certification applications and revocation requests are generated.

Cryptosec Openkey RA offers all the functionality of creating certification requests and revocation to users and use of certification policies to RA operators.

This product includes:


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Cryptosec Openkey RA Features:

  • Functionality of generation, revocation, suspension and rehabilitation of certificates, according to the policy defined in the CA.
  • Remote operation of certificates via secure Webservice, signed using API Webservice Security.
  • Web user interface to carry out request for certificates, send expiration notifications by mail and download certificates.
  • Easy system administration via HTTPS with operator digital certificate requirement where operator-specific profiles are defined with permissions to issue certificates.
  • Secure access for remote console for the administration and supervision of the HSM.


  • Cryptosec LAN incorporates the HSM Cryptosec DEKATON from REALSEC, with the certifications: FIPS 140-2 Level 3, PCI HSM PTS v3.0 y Common Criteria EAL 4+ (with ALC_FLR.1 augmentation) under evaluation.

This product is available for Local, State and Federal Governments. REALSEC is a proud GSA Contract Holder