The White House and the Senate, work together on the fight against cyberattacks.

After the supposed cyberattack from China to the OPM, which reveals personal data from 4 million federal workers from the U.S., cybersecurity is strengthened in the U.S.

We constantly get news about cases of espionage and cyberattacks aimed to fraudulent appropriation and access to critical information of the Government and of the US companies, such as the recent supposed attack from China to the employees’ and contractors’ database of the OPM (U.S. Office of Personnel Management) and whose purpose, even today, is unknown. Enrichment through the impersonation?  Creation of a great world big data managed by China? This post deals about all these issues and the cybersecurity measures led by the Obama Administration.

As we already know, and as I’ve stated in previous posts on my blog, the commitment by the Obama Administration to strengthen cybersecurity in the U.S., is of a high degree. We have recently seen this, materialized through initiatives such as the creation of the CTIIC Agency and the collaborative efforts between the different bodies responsible for National Security, such as the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), NSA (National Security Agency) and DHS (United States Department of Homeland Security). More details in this post
And now, in response to the recent alleged fraudulent access of China to private information of 4 million public employees in the U.S. (including employees, ex-employees and contractors), the Obama Administration has urged to Congress (mostly Republican) to strengthen the bonds of collaboration between the parties, within the strategy of reinforcement of National Security and with the aim to carry out a reform that protects the country from such attacks through robust systems of cryptography for the security of your information.
Also, and favoring the best results, it is necessary to increase the collaboration between the Government and the companies of the country.
Because not only are the personal data of every American the target of cybercriminals, but other private information of critical infrastructure both of institutions and companies as well are in focus of cybercrime and therefore to reduce possible risks and economic losses arising from this, the Obama Administration is calling for a consensus, to share and fight together as a team from all entities and other organizations of the country.
Besides, we cannot forget that last November, the general inspector of the Department of Defense warned about the vulnerability of this federal employees’ database of the OPM foreseeing a possible cyberattack.

Open declaration of cyberwar from China to the U.S.

Vulnerabilities used by China, the country which the U.S. has constantly accused of wanting to wage cyberwar against them. And whose intentions were endorsed through the study carried out in 2013 by the company Mandiant, dedicated to Internet security, whose research showed that many attempts of hacks to newspapers, Government Agencies and businesses came from China.
A proof was the evidence of the digital signatures of their cyberattacks which came from a building in Shanghai, where was the Unit 61398 of army release, of which 5 members were responsible for the theft of critical information from the nuclear power plant SolarWorld in Westinghouse.
It was also proven that the Chinese Government is aware of this, and this strengthened the theory held by the U.S. about the open declaration of China to carry out a cyberwar against the US both at a National Security level and industrial espionage.
It is worth highlighting the fact that according to the Times magazine, this attack has been carried out by the same cybercriminals who attacked some medical insurance companies (about safety in the health system in the U.S. stated in my last post and which can be read via this LINK).

What is the purpose of cyberespionage from China to the USA?

The most surprising thing about this action is that the purpose still remains unknown today. So many deduce that this type of cyberwar without apparent specific purpose is due solely to the creation of a powerful Chinese big data, which no doubt would give great power to this Asian country, causing danger to the American supremacy.
Nevertheless, it seems that this latest attack from China is under control and although the reasons behind it are unknown, we must take into account that OPM (U.S. Office of Personnel Management) whose activity could be understood as the area of human resources of the Federal Government, brings together a lot of critical information such as personal information, details of social security , bank data, which would facilitate these cybercriminals to supplant the identity and the consequent fraud.
Keeping that risky situation of security systems and cybersecurity of the U.S. in mind, the bond between different agencies and the business sector is conspicuous. Being proactive in the development of security measures and having more robust systems in the areas of cybersecurity are not just options for the U.S. but a must instead, in order to go on being the strongest and most powerful country in the world.

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