RSA Conference 2014: Demand for End-to-End Encrypted Communications to Expand

We had a presence at last month’s RSA Conference 2014 in San Francisco in the OATH Pavilion and had a busy and productive time meeting with prospects, customers, business partners, the press and analysts who cover security and saw a number of old friends.
What was clear is that people we spoke with were delighted to learn that REALSEC is more than an HSM company.  And they were also thrilled to learn about our new products. Early Friday morning, after the exhibiton portion of the conference was closed, I had breakfast with Richard Stiennon, the lead analyst with IT-Harvest and a former security analyst with Gartner.
Richard is a veteran of the security industry and it was a meeting to tell him more about REALSEC, our products and our position in the industry.  For me, it was also an opportunity to ask some questions of someone who has his finger on the pulse of the industry. Richard told me that with the revelations of the monitoring and surveillance by the National Security Agency, there would be increased demand by many organizations for end-to-end solutions that fully encrypt company data and communications.
This was a natural lead-in to talk about REALSEC’s new Cryptosec Mail Server that was introduced a week before the show.
We designed this product as a complete integrated system for electronic digital signing and encryption/decryption of corporate emails and powered by our industry-leading Cryptosec PCI Hardware Security Module (HSM).
The Cryptosec Mail Server is an ideal device for organizations that must make email authentication and security a priority. I left the breakfast meeting happy to know the timing of our launch of the Cryptosec Mail Server couldn’t be better.  We’re offering a perfect solution for the end-to-end encryption of digital signatures, email, protected messages and attachments through a tamper responsive module that automatically erases every key if tampered with by a hacker.  You can read more about Cryptosec Mail Server here.

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