Validation Authority

Cryptosec Openkey VA: (Validation Authority)

Cryptosec VA is the Validation Authority of the CryptosecOpenKey family through which we can know the revocation status of digital certificates issued under a certain infrastructure

The VA has two clearly identified main objectives:

  • Reflect “at all times” the revocation status of a certificate.
  • Lighten network traffic as a result of repetitive downloading of revoked certificate lists.

With Cryptosec Openkey VA the process of validation of a certificate returns the revocation status of the certificate. This process is performed by querying the database in the list of revoked certificates, previously downloaded.

This product includes:


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Cryptosec Openkey VA Features:

  • Generates answers to customer requests about the revocation status of a particular digital certificate in a PKI structure.
  • Standard Protocol OCSP, RFC2560.
  • Its configuration is done through an HTTPS interface with operator certificate requirement via authenticated and fully secure connection.
  • It is able to answer to revocation status requests for certificates issued by different CAs.
  • Secure access for remote console for the administration and supervision of the HSM.


  • Cryptosec LAN incorporates the HSM Cryptosec DEKATON from REALSEC, with the certifications: FIPS 140-2 Level 3, PCI HSM PTS v3.0 y Common Criteria EAL 4+ (with ALC_FLR.1 augmentation) under evaluation.

This product is available for Local, State and Federal Governments. REALSEC is a proud GSA Contract Holder