Alejandro-Orihuela-GSD Time Stamping REALSEC

REALSEC implants in GSD the first timestamp in Peru

REALSEC, European leader in the development of encryption and digital signature systems, and GSD, one of the largest providers of Outsourcing Services in Peru, have joined to establish and implement the first timestamp service in the country.
This process which began in June 2012 has been carried out through the Cryptosec Openkey TSA solution, part of the PKI and Digital signature product family from REALSEC, which will allow GSD to record the exact moment in which the digital signature of documents occurs relative to their clients’ business processes giving it recognition and legal validity for audit purposes.
Cryptosec Openkey TSA allows GSD to generate timestamps with a high level of availability by means of the balanced architecture provided by the solution.
This implementation responds to a completely autonomous installation which, via GPS, obtains a time synchronization source sustained by two high-precision clocks balanced in cluster. This ensures time accuracy for considerable periods of time in the event of temporary concealment of the prime source.
Note, that the systems and procedures used by GSD, in relation to this service, have been recognized and accredited by INDECOPI, Peru’s official authority in legal recognition of Certification and Digital Signature processes.
At the present time, GSD, through a public bidding award, is providing this service to the National Superintendence of Tributary Administration (SUNAT) which includes the necessary adaptations on the SUNAT digital signature platform, training on its use, and integration tests with their applications.
According to Alejandro Orihuela Romero, Chief Technology Officer of GSD «this solution has opened the doors for us to be able to reach other customer, both State as well as private, since electronic transactions in Peru are increasingly more frequent and require the use of digital signature as well as knowing the exact moment of the operation. In this sense, REALSEC, as a partner, has accompanied us in the development of solutions that benefit our customers with the development of e-Government in the Peru always in mind. We hope to continue our association with REALSEC products and with their team of professionals».
It should also be noted that the high performance and high response speed that characterizes the TSA System (Timestamp Authority) installed by REALSEC in GSD allows them to offer this same service to other Public and Private Entities.

Source: América Sistemas

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