Sebastian Munoz CEO REALSEC INC

Interview Sebastian, CEO of Realsec Inc./ E.Security REALSEC Solutions, approved by the U.S. Government

1. What is Realsec’s strategy for the introduction into the U.S. market?
Adhering to our indirect marketing policy, we have signed an agreement through local partners with a global distributor that has a network of integrators with whom we are carrying out joint commercial activities. In addition, at this moment we are in the advanced phase of negotiating a second distributor since the size of this market allows for more than one player.
2. What objectives have you set for this region?
In this highly competitive market we intend to promote REALSEC as our brand as well as our solutions and services; providing an image of REALSEC as a solid alternative that is trustworthy and price competitive. In addition to the traditional sale of our products through partners, we intend to strengthen the OEM model and partnerships with third party manufacturers of security software solutions that need to integrate with an HSM Hardware Security Module.
3. What added value can REALSEC offer the mature U.S. market?
Given that there is still a lot of ground to cover in the financial sector since the market is not as mature here as in Europe in areas such as digital signature or credit cards with smart chip technology; REALSEC has a lot to offer for its expertise and successful track record in this field, both in Europe and in Latin America. Also, it should be noted that the adoption of digital signature at the government and large corporation level is not as developed as in Europe, and for this reason we find that there is huge potential and that the REALSEC technology is more than advanced to meet these needs. In addition, the recent approval of our solutions by the U.S. Government contributes significantly to reinforce our position as market leaders. Our business model, which is based on providing complete solutions that include pre-installed and pre-integrated HW, SW and HSM, is also very appealing to this market.
4. What does the adoption of EMV and digital signature in the U.S. imply?
We will concentrate on these two technological activities and will continue to do so over the next several years due to their great potential. The adoption of EMV has been quite controversial in the U.S. because of the complexity of the market, among other things. But fortunately, it is an unstoppable process; however it will still take a few years to be fully implanted. Until now the digital signature has only been used by the Government but it is beginning to move into other industries; where REALSEC hopes that the approval of our solutions for encryption and digital signature by the U.S. Government will help us to extend into these other markets.
5. What opportunities does this represent for REALSEC?
Many. It should be taken into account that there are more than twelve thousand banks in this country, so having access to 5% would mean reaching 600 banks that we could help with the migration to EMV given that we have more than 10 years extensive experience in this sector. In terms of digital signature; most of the solutions available are focused on individual document signature, but there are no other solutions like ours that are designed for digital signature at corporate level and it is here where REALSEC has enormous potential.
6. How will REALSEC operate in the U.S.? What will the business model look like?
We are investing heavily in brand awareness to promote the name and image of the company which the corporate marketing management is supporting fully by contracting important public relations agencies to communicate within the market the value of our brand and the solutions that are associated with it. We will strengthen our marketing strategy through our presence at fairs and major events in the sector, such as the next RSA Conference. Likewise, we will continue to strengthen our network of partners and OEM third-party agreements.
7. Would you like to add something?
The U.S. is a complicated market, but possible. We just have to do things the way they are used to; therefore we must adapt to the American market and ways of working. It is a market that gives you the opportunity but without discrimination because they are accustomed to dealing with people from all over the world. Of course, this requires a high level of quality and professionalism, which matches perfectly with Realsec standards and ways of working.

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