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REALSEC Supports Safety Payments’ Challenge with its Cryptographic Solutions

REALSEC presents its portfolio of security solutions for the financial sector:

  • H3P: EMV Data Preparation System.
  • CryptosecBanking Server.
  • Remote Key Load System (ATMs/POSs)

San Francisco, Nov. 27, 2013 – REALSEC Inc, a global security leader specialized in cryptographic solutions for Governments, corporations and financial institutions is disrupting the US market with its innovative solutions. From EMV migration to email protection and Public Key Infrastructures, REALSEC’s solutions enable US financial institutions to dramatically reduce the time of deployment from months to weeks, increasing security level and ROI. The use of cryptographic technologies in the banking and financial sector is both a regulatory requirement, as well as a customer requirement. Customers’ increasing concerns about identity theft and the latest security breaches nationwide are boosting the deployment of additional security measures to help protect customer data and transactions. To address todays’ needs, Realsec offers a number of unique solutions to protect financial-related operations (EMV migration, ATM/POS remote key loading, digital signature, etc.), such as:
H3P – Data Preparation and Cryptographic Key Management Tool for EMV compliance. H3P facilitates the transition from magnetic stripe to EMV card issuance by automating the required data preparation process. It also can read original magnetic stripe card issuance files, eliminating complex conversions steps and the need to modify host applications. H3P provides an intuitive data preparation and key management environment for the issuance of EMV-compliant cards. H3P supports all kind of cards (SDA, DDA and CDA), with single or dual interfaces (contact and/or contactless). With H3PEMV card profiles, including multi-application cards, can be easily defined using a friendly and intuitive graphical user interface. Output is presented in a standardized XML open file format that readily integrates with most card printers and card production systems. The XML format can easily be customized to each user’s application requirements.   H3P, EMV chip
Cryptosec Banking – A Cryptographic Server for the Banking industry. Cryptosec Banking is a preinstalled cryptographic network server, offering optimal security with state of the art cryptographic functions for the banking sector. Very easy to install, it comes in a convenient 1U appliance form. Cryptosec Banking includes a very extensive library of standard cryptographic functions as well as a complete set of specific functions for the banking and payments industries. To answer every needs, EMV is also fully supported at its latest version.

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