REALSEC and Ultra Electronics AEP in CeBIT Turkey

From September 11 to 14 , 2014!date!

Sebastian Munoz, on behalf of REALSEC and its parner Ultra Electronics AEP attended the CeBIT global conference in Turkey  from September 11th to 14th 2014 and showcased a number of solutions to the strategically located Turkish IT and Cyber Security market, bridging 35 countries of Eastern Europe, Middle East, the black sea regions of the Balkans and the Caspian Region.
The booth was hosted by Ultra Electronics AEP and one of his partners in Turkey: VeriTeknik – ANKARA, where information on Ultra + Realsec’s solutions was provided  and there were important leads detected during the show.
The show attracted 150,000 visitors from over 90 countries and exhibitors from 21 countries.
This show is intended to be a replica of the german CeBIT, but for the Middle East and Eastern european markets.

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