Based on the Cryptosec RKL solution, REALSEC and Diebold signed a collaboration agreement for carrying out the automation of remote key load of ATMs.

Through this solution, has made the load and updates the keys for ATMs s security, avoiding possible attempted fraud.

Cryptosec RKL has been integrated into the Application Server Diebold system through Remote Key Load.

According to Jose Antonio Arjon , director of Diebold Services Spain : “In addition to REALSEC fulfilled all the requirements, technology was chosen for its high level of technological development and its total adaptation developed by Diebold software. Both solutions, REALSEC and Diebold, fit and complement each other perfectly, which has paved the way to establish this agreement. “

This agreement has led to the creation of the first Server Remote Key Load designed and developed in Spain. Through that REALSEC developed the hardware cryptographic functions and commands and RKL (Remote Key Load) and Diebold Spain was responsible for the development of all remote management software Load key . As the result of the process, a single pre-installed and easy to use appliance.

For Jesus Rodriguez , CEO of REALSEC , “This agreement is the result of collaboration between the two companies for a little over two years ago. Also, for us is to complement our current portfolio of cryptographic products marketed in the Banking sector of the Latin American market, to incorporate within it a business solution in this sector , regardless of the current financial crisis, it is a solution easy to justify in economic terms .