Cryptographic Management Solutions: Partners

Partners Program by Realsec

Key aspects

REALSEC is always seeking for new partners providing enthusiasm and a significant added value, by creating a Win- Win relationship based on the transparency and clarity between parts that will ultimately generate new business for both parties.
REALSEC help the partner with an innovative technology that permits them to position themselves with just as much new clients as strengthen relationships with existing clients.



REALSEC, by its side, will assess the position which Partner wants to do with our lines of business, thus creating several possible areas of collaboration.

Depending of the choosen line of business, it will be established and defined a business plan in order to achieve desired and defined objectives.

Partners Policy

Depending on the type of commitment the Partner has chosen, there exists a series of benefits designed to help the Partner achieve their desired position in the market.
The existing levels of commitment are:

Associate partner

This is the primary level of Partnership with REALSEC. The level is designed for Partners that wants to start working with REALSEC without any investments in technical certification of personnel. In this level we work to help the Partner 100% to offer a complete solution containing products and services.

Gold Partner

This level of Partnership focuses on the Partners that decide to be further involved in the projects, desiring to be able to offer complete or partial professional services in the project. To reach Gold Partner level, it is required to train and certify technical staff.

Platinum Partner

Aimed at the Partners that are working actively with REALSEC technology. In this case, apart from the economical benefits and the training, it is possible to establish an incentive plan for marketing that benefits both parts.

I want to be Partner


Apply for further information:


Telephone:+1 (650) 632 42 40



How to become a Partner?

Whether you have already decided to become a partner or just seeking for more information about our partnership program, please send us an email to One of our sales executives will contact you shortly to further discuss the benefits of joining the REALSEC partner network.

Partner program Benefits

The number of benefits obtained from our partnership program is highly dependent on the partner’s level of commitment. In any case, beside the implicit economic benefits, our partners get access to marketing material, customized training programs, technical support, etc. Send us an email to to discover all the benefits.

Where can I find REALSEC?

REALSEC is a global company, with a strong presence in Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa and Asia. We are always looking for serious and strong partners to help us to keep growing while maintaining the one of a kind level of customer service that our customers always expect from us.

If REALSEC offers professional services, how can a partner offer its services?

REALSEC offers professional services that can help partners who have no ability or interest in generating a technical structure to support them, and that can also complement those that do have the capability, but in time to add any manufacturer in the project can give added value to the project in which the client requires the involvement of the manufacturer.