Computer Security Company

Company specialized in Cibersecurity.

About us

REALSEC is a computer security company with an international presence specialized in the development of encryption, digital signature, Time Stamping, PKI and cybersecurity for Blockchain & IoT  solutions, for which it uses its own HSM (Hardware Security Module). All these cybersecurity solutions are designed and designed to protect information in the Banking, Fintech and Payment Methods sectors, as well as for Government, Defense and the Business Sector.

Currently, REALSEC, integrated into Utimaco Group, has a presence in the five continents, developing the bulk of its business in the foreign market. In adittion, the most important Banks worldwide are our clients.

Headquarters and R+D+i center are located in Madrid (Spain). In addition, it has a subsidiary office in Mexico , as well as an extensive network of more than 100 partners, distributed in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia-Pacific.

REALSEC Evolution

United Nations Global Compact


Since 2020, REALSEC has been committed to the United Nations Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption.