Success Stories of our Digital Signature Company

Financial Sector and Payments

The application of cryptographic technologies to meet the safety requirements in the Banking and Financial environment and the means of payment, is required both at the policy level (PCI regulations, VISA, etc.) And business.

The implementation of cryptographic commands in banking environments, the implementation of EMV cards, updating the Keys of ATM’s, the use of digital signatures to combat Phishing … are common needs in the financial field, to which from Realsec offer various solutions.


Offer cryptographic systems that meet the highest security certifications, required by banks to operate.
Several banking groups worldwide already rely on technology Realsec protect their information assets.


Government and Defence

The implementation of e-Goverment is a career related to government administrations and defense in their quest to get closer to citizens through the Internet and its commitment to e-government as efficient in terms of time and resources.

To do this, these institutions need solutions that ensure the safety of processes and at the same time contribute to optimize the investment of the public sector to provide public services Insurance 24 hours a day.

To achieve Realsec Solutions Signature and Digital Certificate, Time Stamping, Email Encryption, etc.., Become the cornerstone of e-Government.


The evolution of government in the areas of digital identity and signature are directly related to accessibility laws information by citizens. This section Realsec and collaborates with these agencies, providing them with our knowledge and experience, which we guarantee to success in their communications with citizens.


Multisector // Enterprise

Safeguarding the Corporate Identity and daily relationship with government, suppliers, banks, etc … make companies require solutions that protect their information assets, both within their systems and information exchanges or transactions with third parties.

Centralized management solutions for corporate certificates, encryption and electronic signature information REALSEC help companies achieve a secure information management.


For businesses, the Internet represents a market to be accessed and to be present in it, it is necessary to do so safely, and that insecurity has a cost, cost from Realsec we help you lower.
Securizamos processes from their origin, such as Digital Signature, Electronic Invoicing … PKI infrastructure provided a centralized and unified manner.


Multisector // Health sector

Realsec objectives in this sector focus on: providing solutions for data protection, reduce healthcare fraud and facilitate identification processes, automation and security hardening of health records systems that require identification systems and adaptive authentication to e-health.


Data protection, safeguarding identities, identification of patients are some of the issues that the health sector has to take into account as the basis of any of their information systems, and it is in this area where Realsec can help.
Reducing fraud in the sector due to identity spoofing in patients generates a level of fraud that banks have to control, and which may also Realsec contribute their experience and knowledge.

Multisector // Consulting and Integration

Integration services and consulting provide added value necessary to achieve implement correctly configured and integrated systems. Which represent different types of solutions.

How to optimize costs, meet security requirements while improving performance? All this is possible through our integrated solutions that deliver complete solutions that include the hardware and software integrated and optimized to offer the best performance, the best solution at the best price.


As important as having good technology is making the necessary adjustments to optimize and get adequate returns. In this section, Realsec, thanks to its distribution channel has the ability to perform these integrations, always offering the best solution.
Because of we are Cryptographic Hardware and Software developers, provide an essential added value in most of the projects our customers perform.

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