Professional association of Administrative Managers

The Professional association of Administrative Managers uses the digital signature for the requests of the registration and transfers of vehicles in the General Traffic Direction (GTD). The applications being processed, are signed digitally by each manager using the centralized signing platform CryptoSign, and then sent in an electronic form to the Public Body for its […]



Inside the Siemens Group, certain management reports destined to the directors of the different companies of the group are sent everyday. These reports are confidential (especially those from HR) and cannot be compromised or been read by anyone but the intended recipient. By installing CryptoSec Mail, Siemens can now automatically sign and encrypt every email […]


Peru GSD

Telematics Management Association of Administrative Managers for digital signature applications for registrations and transfers of vehicles in the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT). Processing applications digitally signed by each manager, using the centralized platform Cryptosign signature are sent electronically to the Public Authority for processing, without having to go to the business office. Encryption of […]

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