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From REALSEC’s partnership with CYSEC, ARCA was born with the aim to meet all the needs and demands of any application or business case based on Blockchain & IoT, Edge Computing & Space, as it is a platform capable of mitigating the risks and losses caused by continuous cyberattacks.

Certified, flexible, efficient and accessible all-in-one solution for all distributed devices and infrastructures.

Edge Computing Patform

The cloud opened the door to countless devices that no longer needed high computing capacities to work and allowed the connection of machines and things to an increasingly crowded Internet.

Despite this, there are times when the response times or the speed that some operations need are higher than those that the cloud can allow, therefore, critical and large processes need faster and more efficient computing power without If it was necessary to connect to any network, that’s where the Edge Computing Platform comes in.

Through an Edge Computing Platform, data can be processed closer to where it was created instead of being sent through long journeys to reach data centers and clouds. And not only for terrestrial devices (Edge), but also the need to transfer the same security to space devices (Space).

Essential platform for the accommodation and securization of the different projects undertaken in these disruptive technologies by the financial sector, Government and industrial sector.

It stands out for its Hybrid Cloud model -> The security of the hardware combined with the flexibility of the cloud, since it can be integrated into all kinds of public or private cloud marketed.

Its architecture divided into three simple layers allows the greatest compromise between security and agility.

Ease of adaptation and implementation of any cryptographic need with the option of incorporating new security reinforcement measures, which increase its sustainability.

This platform is available in two Operating Systems:

  • Robust and regulated Operating System: OpenBSD
  • Standard and flexible Operating System: Linux

Cybersecurity for protecting Blockchain & IoT, Edge Computing & Space environments through a fast, scalable and trusted solution thanks to the integration of the hardware security  module.

Secure access for remote console for the administration and supervision of the HSM.

CYSEC SA is a cybersecurity company based at the EPFL Innovation Park in Lausanne, Switzerland. CYSEC developed a hardware-based trusted execution environment called ARCA that enables running container-based workloads in a plug-and-play confidential computing solution.

CYSEC partners with leading cybersecurity research centers to develop technological innovations and delivers its cybersecurity solutions in four vertical sectors, namely financial services, IoT, critical infrastructure and space.

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  • Tamperdetection&responsive
  • Tamperevident&resistant


  • Appliance with standard format for CPD.
  • FIPS 140-2 Level 3&PCI HSM PTS v2.0 certificate
  • Supports private (on-prem) & public (cloud) deployments


  • Application Clustering in patented Digital Containers.
  • Generated and distributed in the Linux OS.


  • Protobuf&RESTful API.


  • Encrypted backup service.
  • Fault-tolerant DB.


  • High performance and functionality based on the HSM Cryptosec DEKATON.
  • Strong and very secure cryptographic algorithms.


  • ARCATWO incorporates the HSM Cryptosec DEKATON from REALSEC, with the certifications: FIPS 140-2 Level 3, PCI HSM PTS v3.0 and CommonCriteria EAL 4+  (with the increase ALC_FLR.1) under evaluation.