GRG Banking

In November 2011, GRG Banking , ATM Company‚ & Chinese manufacturer and supplier of self-service systems, trusted in REALSEC for its ATM technology certification.

To do this, he acquired Cryptosec RKL solution based on cryptographic technology Cryptosec PCI HSM and whose main function is based on key Remote Load process, responsible for automating remote loading of master keys in the ATMs network.

With Cryptosec RKL has certified the compatibility and functionality of the model EPP- 002, GRG Banking to operate with the system remote key loading using digital certificates and/or signatures.

“This certification further enriches the solution for updating and loading of key MultiVendor REALSEC ATMs system, which is a benefit and a potential advantage for our customers,” said Jesus Rodriguez, CEO of REALSEC. “Expanding the capabilities of our technology solutions,” he continues, “will allow our customers to interact with multiple manufacturers of ATM technology, following the demands and requirements of the market.”