Blockchain HSM – KeyBRIDGE (UKM)

hsm blockchain

Secure storage of your passwords and confidential data in a single centralized location

  • Stores and protects all your critical keys and assets.
  • All-in-one solution with integrated HSM
  • Includes built-in support for third-party HSM
  • Certificates for Payment and General Purpose Keys

Built-in HSM

Logical and physical security provided by the reliably integrated HSM.


  • KeyBRIDGE UKM is a platform able to comprehensively custody the keys and confidential data of an entire organization, which ensures the control of your information without depending on the availability of a database, service or employee management.Its easy-to-use key management functionality covers the entire key lifecycle, from generation to custody and termination.In addition, the central user interface provides complete visibility of the entire key inventory at any time.KeyBRIDGE UKM protects all keys and maintains support for the generation, import and distribution of any type of key, which are protected under a 256-bit AES System Master Key, that can be used immediately, distributed as a cryptogram or broken down into component parts or shared resources.Not to mention that the additional value of this solution lies in its integration ability with other HSMs, allowing the user to perform key management functions using a single easy-to-use interface with a local console or API RESTful access.
    • Detailed inventory on cryptographic keys management
    • Comprehensive key lifecycle management: tracking of generation, import, export, termination details and optional key expiration dates
    • Control of all imported and exported keys
    • Maintains key history even if a key has been terminated and deleted from the system

    Certificates for payment cases and general use

    • FIPS 140-2 certified
    • PCI-HSM certified

    High physical and logical  security

    • Provides intrusion-resistant, tamper-proof hardware (Tamper-resistant and Tamper- responsive)
    • Enables role-based access control (RBAC) enforced with dual control and split knowledge

    First-class entropy and high quality keys

    • NIST SP 800-90B
    • Hash-based compatible with AIS 31DRG.4 DRNG
    • Compatible with AIS31 PTG.2 TRNG

    Third-party HSM integration

    • Allows integration of other HSMs (CryptoServer, Atalla, Thales and SafeNet)

    Supports various algorithms and mechanisms

    • RSA, DSA, ECDSA with NIST curves and Brainpool
    • DH, ECDH with NIST curves and Brainpool
    • AES, Triple-DES, DES
    • SHA-1, SHA2 family, SHA3

    Easy integration and use

    • Through the user interface and the API RESTful interface
    • Central Interface