How will the attacks evolve in 2023?

SIC magazine publishes its Cybersecurity special in its February edition where different industry leaders, both from the public and private spheres, give us their opinion on the current state of cybersecurity and the cyberattacks and cyberrisks that are expected in 2023.

Faced with the question: Threats and cyberattacks in 2023: which will be the most complex and high impact… that no one expects?

Pablo Juan Mejía, CEO of Realsec by Utimaco (Utimaco Spain & Latin America) answers:

Overall, 2023 looks set to be a year in which companies will be concentrating on the essentials of their security setup – their supply chain, the safety of their data in the cloud and their ability to switch to new forms of encryption. Additionally, 2023 is shaping up for more sophisticated attacks on critical infrastructure where the NIS 2 Directive attempts to cover some of the existing security gaps.

With the increase of APIs and IoT connected devices, we will witness new attacks and information theft, including the loss of privacy for users, promoted by the weakness in security standards. As for the air and space industry, more sophisticated attacks are expected on its ground infrastructure and even on the aircraft or satellites themselves.

Post-quantum Cryptographic Agility concept will be part of the 2023 security strategy in many organizations.

In addition, you can access this full edition of SIC magazine through this LINK (these statements have been published on page 160)

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