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Possibilities, Worries and Insecurities: Utimaco Survey Explores Trust and Data Handling on the Internet

A vast majority (89%) of Spanish people worry about data security while online and only 19 percent feel acknowledgeable enough to make informed decisions about digital security. However, citizens recognize great potential for digital offerings in traffic, healthcare and public sector.

Utimaco, a leading global provider of IT security solutions, today presents the results of a survey on trust in the digital space. According to the data, a total of 89% of respondents in Spain are concerned about the security of their data when using the Internet. 51% worry a lot and 38% worry a little. Only about a fifth (19%) of Spanish people feel confident enough to make informed decisions about digital security, answering this question with a straight “Yes”.

30 percent of Spanish citizens have already experienced data loss, identity theft or online fraud. A further 30 percent cannot say whether they have already been a victim to such criminal activities. 39 percent answered this question with a “No”. There is also a relatively high level of uncertainty about which data is collected when using digital services. 38 percent of Spanish people admit that they do not know this. By contrast, only eight percent of those surveyed claim to know exactly what is being gathered.

Connected Cars

Spanish consumers see both opportunities and risks in connected vehicles. The most important benefits cited include special driver assistance systems (50%), improved navigation and traffic news (48%) as well as optimized theft protection (40%).

On the other hand, criminal attacks (47%) and loss of privacy (52%) are a cause for concern. The majority of respondents (59%) also do not know what the data collected from a connected car is actually used for. In the event of a data breach, 53% of Spanish fear that their movements could be tracked.

Digital Healthcare Services

Regarding digital healthcare, Spain is equally divided in users and non-users, both 48% of the people surveyed. Despite this respectively high adoption rate, more than half (54%) of Spanish prefer to interact with somebody in person and only 29% think that eHealth makes medical care easier for them. On the other hand, 39% of respondents wish to see further development in this field. Shorter waiting times are stated as the biggest advantage, with 63% agreeing. Disadvantages are seen in the loss of personal interaction (68%) and security risks (40%).

Digitization in public sector Methodology

A majority of 65% of Spanish people is already using digital offerings within the public sector and 57% find them helpful. Convenience (68%) and faster processing are seen as the biggest advantages. As negative points the respondents identify the lack personal consulting (58%) and data protection issues (50%). Consumers are most likely to use digital services for identity card or passport application (73%), address changes (61%) and driver’s licence application (56%).

“The overall picture shows that a gap is opening up among consumers: on the one hand, they want to make more use of modern digital services, but on the other hand, there are also major uncertainties and security concerns associated with them. For the providers of these services, this raises the increasingly urgent question of how trust can be created and guaranteed online,” says Pablo Juan Mejía, CEO Realsec by Utimaco. “This calls for interaction between authorities and security providers: in addition to advanced security technologies and binding standards, information as well as communication are also crucial. Consumers must be provided with clear and comprehensible guidance to help them identify which services on the Net offer security and data protection at a very high level.”


YouGov surveyed a total of 3,039 people in Spain (1,009), Germany (1,012) and the United Kingdom (1,018) on behalf of Utimaco between March 21 and March 25, 2022.

The results were weighted and are representative of the respective country’s population aged 18 and over.


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