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“Utimaco acquisition balances technological strength among competitors”

Following the recent acquisition of REALSEC by the Utimaco Group, Jesús Rodríguez is interviewed by Rosalía Arroyo, Director of IT Digital Security, to extend and learn about all the aspects of interest about this alliance that strengthens the global position of both companies in the cryptographic cybersecurity market.

You can read the following interview to know the details of this agreement, expansion and reinforcement of the business units and how REALSEC will be after this agreement.

What impact does this agreement have on Realsec? Perhaps it improves the company’s positioning in HSM as a service?

The impact of REALSEC’s integration into the UTIMACO Group is very beneficial for both companies:

At the technological level, the sum of the product and solution portfolio of both companies and the possibility of synergies between them increases our technological strength, as well as our offer.

In terms of positioning, the integration of the two companies will provide greater global on-site coverage in the international market.

What impact does this agreement have on Utimaco?

The integration of REALSEC into UTIMACO Group will enable the latter to have a local presence in markets such as Spain and Latin America, where it currently has no presence. In addition, it improves the positioning of its solutions in these markets, where REALSEC has presence and infrastructure, as well as an important local technical infrastructure.

What is going to happen with Realsec’s bet on the Blockchain market?

The strategic commitment of both companies to the Blockchain market is common. Both UTIMACO and REALSEC have defined a clear technological commitment to strengthen the cybersecurity of the Blockchain environment, which will be reinforced as a result of the integration.

Will Realsec employees be integrated into Utimaco?

REALSEC is changing its shareholding structure, but does not change its corporate name and therefore all employees of REALSEC Spain and its subsidiaries will continue to be part of REALSEC’s corporate staff, within the UTIMACO Group.

What is the impact on the distribution channel? (I don’t know the presence of Utimaco in Spain)

Both companies’ distribution channel and partner structure will be strengthened in both directions, as well as the current local presence of both companies.

As a result of the integration of REALSEC into the UTIMACO Group, UTIMACO Group now has a local presence and offices in Germany, UK, Italy, Spain, USA, Mexico and Singapore, plus the planned opening of new subsidiaries in the near future.

What impact does this agreement have on the HSM market?

In my view, the impact is very positive because it balances the technological strength among competitors, improves and increases the market offer and reinforces continuity.

Will the Realsec brand continue?

The REALSEC brand will continue to be maintained, as well as the name of all products. Likewise, their evolution and the maintenance and technical support service will be guaranteed during their useful life cycle.

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