Utimaco discusses about cloud security at Samsara Security Summit

Diana Guzmán, NOLA’s business manager at Utimaco, discussed about data protection in cloud environments

Monterey (Mexico), March 23, was the setting chosen for the panel “Asset security and operational digitalization: challenges and opportunities“, framed within the Samsara Security Summit, where Diana Guzmán discussed with other industry experts about the challenges of digital transformation and cybersecurity in cloud and Internet of Things environments.

Access to data in real time requires robust security that promotes trusted environments. All these items were discussed in this panel, with special focus on the transport sector, where Samsara develops part of its business. In line with this, Utimaco’s spokeswoman talked about how encryption through Hardware Security Modules (HSM) is the best ally for the protection of this data, being a strategic axis in the asset security of this sector.

Mexico is the #1 target of cyberattacks in Latin America and from Utimaco and Samsara we can offer the best solutions for cybersecurity and compliance for fleets in the transport sector, helping to mitigate the risks of threats and build cybersecure scenarios in both cloud and IoT environments.

Samsara is an international company, leader in connected operations in the cloud and IoT environments, present in Mexico since 2019.  Samsara offers a complete portfolio of Internet of Things solutions for vehicle fleets. The combination of hardware, software and data in the cloud provide visibility, analytics and Artificial Intelligence in real time to operations. You can see more information about this event in the following LINK.

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