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Webinar: The cloud as a driver for growth and better business management

Utimaco attends at this ITDM Group Security Meeting

Going or not to the cloud is no longer a choice, since cloudification plays a key role in the digital transformation of organizations. Its use in encryption processes, Internet of Things, digital signature, etc. is only some of the advantages offered by this hybrid cloud technology that is moving towards multicloud environments.

In this webinar, Eyal Worthalter, Vice President of Cloud at Utimaco, talks about the security challenges in the cloud, the benefits of the cloud, its acceleration after the onset of the pandemic, and its relevance in digital trust processes.

Learn from Utimaco how the cloud can help to secure your digital assets in line with the accelerated and proactive digitalization that organizations are undergoing, where they have moved from cloud adoption to cloud optimization.

You can follow this webinar at the link:

ITDM Group Meetings: The cloud as a driver for growth and better business management | Talking about IT | IT Events (it-events.es).

This webinar has been included in the March issue of ITDS magazine (since 72nd page).

You can find the summary of this webinar in the special ITDS Cloud (starting on page 26).

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