Benefits of PKI Identify Solution

  • Certificate Management System: provides certificate lifecycle management and brings together all certificates in a single panel. It offers an intuitive interface, with scripting capabilities and notification service. Compatible with an unlimited number of Certification Authorities.
  • Certificate Authority: scalable modules with integrated HSM support and highly customizable certificate profiles.
  • Validation Service: the single point of contact for queries related to the status of certificates (including the Certificate Renewal List), as well as the Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) of proxy.

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Key features of PKI Identify solution

  1. Quick and easy setup:
  • Flexible deployment with multiple scripting and integration options.
  • Support for key and CSR generation in the web user interface.
  1. Multi-tenant capability:
  • Support for multiple tenants, virtual CA and OCSP proxy.
  • Support for enrollment at other CA to act as trusted SUBCA.
  • Multi-tenant and multi-CA support.
  1. Highly customizable:
  • Automation through scripts and APIs.
  • Module customization through Realsec by Ultimaco’s Professional Service and Support.
  • Intuitive User Interface (UI).
  • Flexible and customizable certificate profiles per CA.
  1. Easy centralized administration and management:
  • Directory based User Management (Microsoft Active Directory (MS AD) or Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) integration).
  • Easy to operate via Web UI, shell and scripts.
  • Built-in role management and duties separation.
  • Support for M of N approval chains allowing x-eyes authorization of CSR.
  • Detailed role and permissions management.
  • Certificate profile and lifecycle management.
  • Notification service on expired certificates.
  1. Seamless integration:
  • Integrated HSM support.
  • Support for different certificate formats (X. 509, CVC (Card Verifiable Certificates)).
  • Support for various enrollment protocols (CMP, SCEP, REST, ACME, etc.).
  • LDAP or AD integration.
  • Support for ADC.
  • Pre-configured certificate profiles (for example, TLS or Time Stamping) and support for customization.
  • Import of existing CA with private keys and certificates migration.
  • Upload of third-party X. 509 certificates.