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Cryptosec RKL (Remote Key Load)

Cyptosec RKL 5.2 automates the loading of Keys into ATMs using asymmetric encryption, replacing the old manual loading process, as costly as inefficient.

Although some entities are still carrying out the key loading process manually, assuming the high cost and inefficiency, this process has long can be done remotely and automatically, as long as we use the public key cryptography: certificates and/or digital signatures according to ANXI x9.24-2 standard.

For all this, Cryptosec RKL 5.2 is the most advanced, mature and efficient solution on the market that offers multi-company service and is approved by the most important and recognized brands of international ATMs, complying with the requirements defined by the PCI Consortium.

This product includes:


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Features to highlight: 

  • Distributed multivendor and multi-entity system that has RKL Agents for brands: DIEBOLD-NIXDORF, NCR, FUJITSU, HYOSUNG, GRG Banking, KEBA and SIGMA.
  • High cost reduction and elimination of errors and inefficiencies associated with manual loading by custodians.
  • PCI compliance (VISA,MASTERCARD,…) and audits in the RKL process. In addition to PCI PIN requirements on ATMs: TR31 and TR34.
  • Can run with any ATM that incorporates an EPP and whose architecture is based on the XFS 3.0 standard or higher.
  • Secure access for remote console for the administration and supervision of the HSM.
  • Keyblock support, PCI-certified, for secure keys treatment.


  • The Cryptosec RKL incorporates the HSM Cryptosec DEKATON FIPS 140-2 level 3 certified by the NIST and PCI PTS HSM v3.0.Certification certified by PCI Security Standards Council.