Blockchain & IoT Solutions

From the need for securization, through HSMs, both Blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem, is how ARCA products and solutions were born, the result of the partnership between REALSEC and CYSEC.

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CYSEC SA is a cybersecurity company based at the EPFL Innovation Park in Lausanne, Switzerland. CYSEC developed a hardware-based trusted execution environment called ARCA that enables running container-based workloads in a plug-and-play confidential computing solution.

CYSEC partners with leading cybersecurity research centers to develop technological innovations and delivers its cybersecurity solutions in four vertical sectors, namely financial services, IoT, critical infrastructure and space.

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Blockchain & IoT Platform

Efficient, flexible, agile and truly secure Blockchain platform that incorporates hardware-based cryptography through HSM (Hardware Security Module). In turn, this Blockchain solution can be used in other emerging markets such as IoT, Edge Computing or Space to authenticate and encrypt the communications of any fleet of smart devices, thus emerging the possible convergence between different technologies, since combining them can obtain highly competitive and successful advantages in terms of reliability and traceability.

On our secure server, we can host Blockchain networks with the entire operation of a network of IoT devices.